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$6 Water: A Vegas Story

Once upon a time Ebony and Ivory thought it would be an awesome idea to venture across the country to Las Vegas for a Backstreet Boy concert… in July. Have you ever been to Vegas in July? Pre-heat your oven to 375°, turn up thermostat in your home to 85°, and change into your warmest sweats. Once the temperature is set have a seat in front of the open the oven door for a few hours. That’s Vegas in July. Despite the extreme weather and the aggressive Hoover Dam sales people on the Vegas Strip I managed to add a few more beers to my list.

Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA (ABV 7.5%) @ Park on FreemontIMG_0310


Flight @ Sin City Brewing Company


IPA, Weisse, Sour, Amber, Oktoberfest, Stout



In one the greatest teen dramedies of our time 10 Things I Hate About You, Chastity (played by the ageless queen Gabrielle Union) asked “I know you can be underwhelmed, and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be like, whelmed?” The answer is yes, you can be just whelmed. The beer at Sin City isn’t good or bad… it’s just there.

Ellis Island IPA (ABV 5.8%) @ Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

The beer costing only $2.50 was a obvious warning sign that we chose to ignore. I never write with intent to diss any beer or brewery, but this is hands down the worst IPA I’ve ever drank in my life. I can usually power through a beer I don’t like, but I couldn’t stomach this one.  Instead of torturing myself I politely slid it over to the bf who will drink almost anything with alcohol. I don’t know if it was bad batch, if the draft line wasn’t clean, or if it’s always gross. So bad I didn’t even bother to take a pic.

To recover from the tragedy at Ellis Island we took a sad, 105° stroll over to Pub 365 for the beer redemption we deserved.  Great beer selection, good atmosphere, no Ellis Island IPA.


Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion (ABV 5.9%), Big Dog’s Underbite IPA (ABV 8.7%), Garage Project Death From Above (ABV 7.5%)


Moody Tounge Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Poter (ABV 7%)


According to Untappd I also drank Firestone Walker 805 Blonde at some point during the trip, but I forgot to take the pic.

Overall, Las Vegas was fun trip. We balled on a lavish buffet at Caesar’s, saw The Beetles’s Love at Mirage (I feel asleep for 15 mins, but it was still awesome), gambled just to drink free water, ate at the restaurant of Vin Diesel look alike ( YO CUZ!!), and VIP status at Taco Bell Cantina. Thinking back on the trip I didn’t have as many beers as I hoped, but it was just too damn hot to think about anything other than water.


High Fives and Shout outs

  1. Google for instructing a playa on how to make the degrees symbol. Alt + 248, btw.
  2. The state of Nevada for legalizing marijuana on the weekend of our visit. The live news feeds of people standing in line, the fireworks (yes, green fireworks went off at midnight), and the politician who claimed to be buying weed for his dog was everything I needed and more.
  3. The Backstreet Boys for putting on an awesome performance despite the 15 min intro medley and me wanting to cry from stomach pain throughout the show. (see WTF #3)


Thumbs Down and WTF’s

  1. The water situation in Las Vegas Strip. The tap water has a hint of dirt and chicken broth and the cost of bottle water ranges $4.50-$6. You might be balling or I might just be cheap, but that’s an insane amount of water for bottled water. The bf and I found 36oz of $1 at the ABC store on the LAST DAY.
  2. RIP to The Carmichael Show. Also on the list of shows that were taken too soon- Freaks and Geeks, How to Make it in America, and Dead Like Me.
  3. (In reference to S/o #3) The “stomach bug” that wiped us out the night of the BSB concert. I’m not sure if it was from dinner or the weird tasting water at the restaurants. Just know that BSB only got 65% of me that night.
  4. The lengths that people will go to uphold evil and injustice in America against minorities. It’s disgusting.


Cheers Y’all!





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Waiting in my inbox was the same email I’ve received every May for the past 5 years. “Domain beerlaughlove.com is about to expire”. This year was the first time it hit me, “Damn, I have a website I don’t even use”. To be honest with you I wasn’t motivated to write and I was stuck on what my next “beer goal” should be. I finished 300 different beer before 30 with my liver still in tact. Now what?  At first I was going to set a new goal and continue to keep count, but writing about the same “citrus notes IPA spill” got boring. Stuck,unmotivated, and busy with work and other ventures ( Hey L.I.C.!) I thought about letting the website go. But I couldn’t just roll over and let that happen. With the help of my boyfriend (Hey Bear!) I came up with a new angle for Beer Laugh Love. Staring this month I will launch Phase 2 of Beer Laugh Love.  I will be focusing more on beer adventures around the Southeast and eventually around the country. What does that mean?  Breweries, specialty beer stores/sections, events, and all other fun things beer related. I’ll still keep track of my beer number (I’m at 386 by the way. Thanks Untappd!) and give the thumbs rating. What’s going to make this different from the thousands of blogs that are already out there? Well nothing, other than the fact that I wrote it and I’m funny AF most of the time.  Hopefully I’ll drink some good beers, see some cool places, and you get some entertainment along the way. Happy reading!


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A Productive Hiatus (aka L.I.C. plug)

Hey Hey Hey!

I know, I know. It’s been a while, but I have a really good reason. Over the past year I’ve been up to eyeballs in in flour and cream cheese frosting. Myself and two of my close friends launched our baking business Liquor Infused Confection. (You respond with “say whaaaat”) Yep, you read it right. Liquor infused. We have a variety of different desserts, from Rum Red Velvet Cupcakes (crowd favorite) to Drunken Peach Cobbler. Our concept is classic desserts with an “adult flair”.  I know what you’re thinking. How do you get these mouth watering treats?  Two ways my friends! 1. Kickstarter! You get to help our little business and get some sweet treats in return.  2.The website to check out the menu, prices and place orders. It’s just that simple!IMG_3762

You can also follow our adventures on Facebook and @dessertsbylic on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t worry, I haven’t slowed down on my beer adventures. You can follow on me at Willsss on Untappd (my plug game is bananas tonight). More new post coming soon!

High Fives and Shout outs

  1. Congrats to my #1 snow Elizabeth on her engagement! Fingers crossed you and Lindsey Lohan share the same wedding date!
  2.  Steph Curry for hitting 2 3 pointers within 30 seconds of my typing the first s/o.
  3. Puppies! Because they’re cute. Duh!

I’m too tired to have a specific “Thumbs Downs and WTFs”.

Cheers y’all!

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The ‘Pro’ In Procrastination: 1

In typical BeerLaughLove.com style, I drink more than I write which leads to posts, such as this.
#159 Red Hare Imperial Red IPA (ABV 9.4 %)
Nah, it was ok.  Nothing fany to remember. No pic. Mental side thumb.

#160 Country Boy Brewing Lazy Rye Pale Ale (6.2%)
Hoppy with slight caramel taste. Thats all I wrote in my phone. Thumbs up.

#161 Country Boy Brewing Brown Chicken, Brown Cow (ABV 4.8%)
Water, chocolate, and toffee. I don’t know if that was a bad batch or what, but I was not a fan. No pic. Thumbs down. All the way down.

#162 O’Fallon Brewery Hemp Hop Rye Amber Ale (ABV 5.50 %)
Decent. Mid-thumb.


#163 Southern Tier Eurotrash Pilz (ABV 5.2 %)
I was intrigued by the name “Eurotrash”. I should’ve left it on the shelf.  Not bad, but not impressive. Side Thumb.


#164 Bluegrass Brewing Company Saison (ABV 4.9%)
Awesomeness in a bottle.  You can never go wrong with a saison. Thumbs Up!


Originally there was suppose to be a sepearate post just for  my trip to KY and the breweries. Clearly that didn’t happen, but here are a few scenes from the tour.


Samples after brewery tour at Alltech’s Lexinton Brewing and Distilling Company. Hands down one of the best brewery tours I’ve experienced so far. Awesome beer!


Flight at West Sixth Brewery. Top: Dead Heat Wheat (ABV 4.5%), Right: Deliberation Amber (ABV 5.5%), Bottom: Smithtown Brown (ABV 5.5%), Left: West Sixth IPA (ABV 7%).

#165 5 Seasons Centennial IPA (ABV ???%)
Floral and grassy with bold orange and grapefruit flavors. Smelled bread and my burps smelled like flowers. Love! Thumbs Up!


#166 Oscar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale (ABV 6.5%)
Lemon, orange, grapefuit, and hops. Surprisingly good. I would have taken a pic, but we were at Sound Table observing the snobs. Thumbs up.

#167 Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (ABV 6%)
90 Minutes little brother. Still just as good. Thumbs up

#168 Red Brick Brewing Company Hoplanta (ABV 6.7%)
Pretty good. No details written and of course I can’t remeber any deatil. Thumbs up I guess.

#169 Unita Brewing Company Hop Notch (ABV 7.3%)
It got a thumbs up so I guess I liked it?

High Fives and Shout Outs
1. University of Alabama Football is back baaybee! Prepare for domination. Roll MF Tide!

2. Newman’s Own has wine! I haven’t tried it yet, but I love almost (the frozen meals were not a hit for me) anything made by the company. Plus, all profits go to charities. Drinking for a cause? Yes, please.

3. Lindsey’s first craft beer! Leikengule Summer Shandy was a semi-winner.

Thumbs Downs and WTFs
1. The price of premium gas. You regular gas peeps are living the dream.

2. The Rep/Dem, Mitt/Obama Facebook Beefs. I’m all about freedom of speech, but some people need to chill. In the words of Bad Boy’s former golden boy Mase… “East, west, every state, c’mon bury the hate.”

Oh… and special s/o to Tammy! An amazing lady I met at the Great Atlanta Beer Festival who tried to convince me that Montgomery isn’t a scary place. Roll Tide, girl!

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I wish it was Sunday cause thats my fun day…

This is a random assortment of some summer beer adventures I’ve been too lazy to write.  Please excuse the number jump around, but there’s a reason behind this master plan.  Wooohooohaahaahaahaaaaa (rubs hands together like Mr. Burns)!

The Place: Taco Mac- Kennesaw, GA

The Peep: Phonso

The Beers: #116 Stone IPA (ABV 6.9%)

                     #125 Southern Tier Unearthly (ABV 11.5%)

                    #126 Coney Island Luna Lager (ABV 6%)

#116 Stone IPA (ABV 6.9%)

I can’t remember what I ordered first, but they were out of it so the waitress suggested this instead (Actually Phonso picked it first, but that’s a story for another time).  I wasn’t really in a IPA mood, but it was decent.  Nothing special, but it hit the spot with my chicken tenders.  Slight thumbs up.

#125 Southern Tier Unearthly (ABV 11.5%)

One freaking word… CRAZY!  Imagine this… You’re in the club and you meet in to a cute guy/girls/whatever you like.  You’re drinking, dancing, having fun with the person.  This night can’t get any better, right?  WRONG!  You glance to the back of the club and there is the “finest thang” you’ve ever seen in your life!  I’m talking “pinch myself, I dreaming” fine.  Then they walk over to you, you fall in love, and get married… THAT NIGHT!  Thats how this beer was for me.  When it first hits the tounge I tasted caramel, sweet fruits and malts, but as I was swallowing the hops came in the complete the flavor.  This is definitely in the running for my best beer of 2011.  Heaven in a glass! Elevated Thumb up!

Notice the shadow from the elevated thumb up!

#126 Coney Island Luna Lager (ABV 6%)

Nothing fancy. Typical lager (from what I’ve tasted).  Probably not a good idea to try a new beer immediately after I just had magic in a cup. Medium side thumb.

Taco Mac never disappoints with the beer menu, although I’m a little annoyed that the one in Kennesaw has to take out-of-state license to some secret back room or you have to leave on the table to be checked by a manager.  I came here for beer and SportsCenter, not to be investigated.

The Place: The apt

The Peep: Phonso

The Beer: #117 Mikkeller 10 American Style IPA (ABV 6.9%)

              #121 Mikkeller Barrell-Aged Black Hole (ABV 9.4%)

Phonso bought these over from  Sherlock’s (with Tyler’s recommendation, of course).  Supposedly, these beers hadn’t even hit the shelves yet and Tyler hooked it up (woot woot)! 

#117 Mikkeller 10 American Style IPA (ABV 6.9%)

First off, super cool bottle.  I could smell citrus and other fruits while I was pouring.  Very attractive creamy foam head.  Nice balanced taste of hops, orange, grapefruit, and some sweet fruits.  The taste lingers for a while, but not in a nasty cheap beer kind of way.  It was strong and wonderful!  Thumbs up!

#121 Mikkeller Barrell-Aged Black Hole (ABV 9.4%)

This was my birthday beer!  It was brewed with coffee, honey and vanilla and aged in a cognac barrel. Scary dark pour, which is usual for a stout.  Very boozy!  Heavy alcohol taste (prob from the cognac), but I liked it.  Hint of the coffee and vanilla came through, but it was no match for the Yak (that’s slang for cognac for my uncultured people).  Thumbs up!

The Place: Ormsby’s- Atlanta, Ga

The Peeps: Phons, J., and some nameless friends

The Beer: # 118 Wild Heaven Ode To Mercy (ABV 8.2%)

Random Sunday Funday night trip!  I think I’ve had this beer before, but it was after a trip to Sweet Water, so I didn’t remember much about it.  Fantastical (if thats a word)!  Bold flavors of coffee and malts with a creamy finish.  I usually am not a fan of the darkies, but this one great.  Thumbs up!  It was fiesta in my mouth!

The Place: Benihana- Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Phonso, Turtle, and the other people sitting at the hibachi grill

The Beer: # 122 Asahi (ABV 5.0%)

I decided on Benihana for my birthday dinner.  I know I could’ve picked some place better, but I wasn’t in the mood to be fancy.  Phonso just had to tell our waitress it was my birthday, so of course they made me wear one of those silly a** balloon hats during dinner.  A lady at our grill wanted buy me b-day drink, so I got the only beer on menu that I haven’t tried.  Asahi is Japan’s #1 beer.  Not bad.  It was dry and tastes like that flavor I can’t put my finger on.  Thumbs up for being free and not so bad. 

The Place: 5 Seasons- Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Phons and Toyo

The Beer: #123 5 Seasons Stepchild Saison

Recommendation from the bartender/waiter that wouldn’t holla at Jen last time I was here. Wonderful summer beer!  It is light, spicy, and hints of fruit flavors here and there. Thumbs up!  5 Seasons never disappoints. 

The Beer #124 Terrapin Brewery Hopsecutioner

Above average American IPA.  Citrus hops and malt with an earthy taste and little tastes of caramel hidden in there.  Thumbs up!

Shout out and High Fives

  1. To the only girl who could motivate me to do right when I knew it was wrong, taught my the fine art of double washing whites and towels, and practically dressed me for every party of freshman year.  And to the guy that rescued me from the side of the road twice in the same summer and let me hoard his television when I didn’t have cable senior year.  Congrats to Jess and Bobby on their marriage!  I hope your life together is like those live a** parties at Buffalo’s back in the day, but better.
  2. To all the breweries that made my summer beer adventures possible.
  3. To Mumford and Sons for “The Cave”!  Love that jam!
  4. To Pauline Nordin the creator of The Butt Bible.  This is handouts down the funniest trainer on earth.  I had to stop and laugh several times during the work out.  I hope to get past week one, but I keep getting side tracked with my laziness.

Well kiddies, I hope everyone had a good summer.  You still got a few weeks left to get in some summer loving.  For the rest of the year my weekend will be jammed packed with ALABAMA FOOTBALL and praying for those who’s weekend aren’t.  Play, be safe, support your local everything and ROLL TIDE!

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Aw Naw…

We went on a random Wednesday to celebrate C. the Coupon Queen getting accepted into dietetic internship and have one last coworker hoorah.  Needless to say, there was a glitch in the evening due to a Groupon mishap. 

The Places:  Not worth saying and C’s house

The Peeps: C. The Coupon Queen and S.C.

The Beers: #113 Peroni (ABV 5.10%)

                 #114 Terrapin Reunion 10 Scotch Ale (ABV 8.5%)

 #113 Peroni (ABV 5.10%)

After the Bell’s Brewery tasting at Octane Coffee we ventured to (fill in the blank here) for dinner since C had a Groupon for 50% off ( you know we are all about some cheap).  The beer selection wasn’t worth mentioning. I never had Peroni before so I went for it.  Umm… Nothing to write home about.  Its light, with lots of carbonation and has that “something old” after taste.  Side Thumb…

(Unnamed restaurant on Pharr Rd) is a quaint, well decorated restaurant.  They had an extremely cute singer cranking out the hits and there was a man on the second floor with a monkey wearing overalls crawling on his shoulders.  Heres were it all goes to Hell.  We were not allowed to use the Groupon on the pizza special (there was no fine print on the groupon) and the waitress messed up our checks.  When we tried to calmly talk  to the manager he was rude and his designer imposter cologne assaulted my personal air supply.  To make matters worse, I got a parking ticket for expired meter.  Blah… I will not be back. EVER.

 #114 Terrapin Reunion 10 Scotch Ale (later at CTC’s house)

This is one of the beers that I brought to C’s house for our girls night beer fest that we both fell asleep on.  We cracked it open after the Groupon incident at (fill in the blank) to ease our minds.  I picked up since C graduated from UGA (Terrapin Brewery is Athens, GA) and for the Reunion logo on the bottle.  Scary, dark pour (you know how I feel about that).  Wonderful scotch flavor and I don’t think I like scotch.  Sweet with hints of caramel and a STRONG alcohol taste.  Me likey… Thumbs Up!

I had no idea the Reunions beers are realsed every year by a different brewery.  I think it’s awesome and it gives me something to look forward to! Check out http://www.imbcr.org/ for cool stuff about Myeloma and Bone Cancer research.  All proceeds from the beer help to fund research.

Shout Outs and High Fives

  1. C for getting accepted into a dietetic internship.  Run and never come back! Not kidding…
  2. SC for being addicted to jello shots after trying it for the first time.
  3. For Jen and Brandon for sending me the awesome pic of what  is suppose to be a thumbs up, but it looks more like a drunk happy slump thumb.

No thumbs downs or wtfs today, although I will say it was kinda a bummer that my mom shut down my dream of moving to Brooklyn and exploring the NYC craft beer scene.  I guess the no job or place to live part threw her off a little bit.  Ha! Oh well… Cheers anyway!

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Me, Tom Hanks, Corey Matthews and Tim Tebow all walk into a bar…

I had the most bizarre dream last night and it was beer related so that makes it even better!  Ok… Me, Tom Hanks (Yes! That Tom Hanks), Corey Matthew from Boys Meet World (I think his real name is Ben Savage) and Tim Tebow met up at a bar for beers. I had a deadline for a beer article, so I had to get a beer that wasn’t on my list to write about. Finally, after what seemed like forever I chose a limited release Sierra Nevada that had my name on the bottle. I walk over to the table and they’re all mad at me, because I took so long and they refused to believe that I had a deadline for my article. Tom Hanks and I got into a huge fight! I told him that just because Forrest Gump went to the University of Alabama doesn’t mean that people from Alabama actually like him (I’m not from Alabama, but I’m a UA alumni. Roll Tide!). Tim Tebow starts laughing and I told him that he shouldn’t laugh because NOBODY likes him. Corey Matthew was yelling at me from afar, while some blonde girl was hanging all over him. My mom comes in and Tom Hanks is being extra nice to her and acting as if nothing happened. I told my mom about that situation and she confirmed that I really did have a deadline for my article. They all tried to be nice to me after that, but I wasn’t trying to hear it. Just as I was about to go off on Tom Hanks for being a d-bag, I woke up. Crazy, huh? Is this a sign? I know this looks like a cluster freak (can’t say the F word, my mom might be reading) of words, but this dream was too good to not to share with the world.  Maybe all this beer is driving me crazy!  Oh well, if it makes me have these amazing, vivid dreams I must keep going!  Thumbs up for turning into a crazy person!

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