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That One Time In Tampa

Even though I’ve proven to be trash at keeping up with the blog monthly, with the help of Untappd (KitWill if you looking for a playa) I’ve been able to track beers over the past few months. While visiting the bf (Hey Bear!) in Tampa, FL it was only right that I also visit the home of Jai Alai, Cigar City. Let’s just be honest, it was the only mandatory place on my itinerary other than finding a dog park for my fur-son and a good cigar (duh!).

8D97EA3C-2630-450E-A13C-CB677874AD9C (1)

For a Friday night it wasn’t crowded at all, which was fine because we were able to chat with the bartenders and get prime seating at the bar. For the first time EVER I took the bf’s “beer advice” and ordered flights instead of pints.


Space Pope (7.3% ABV), Margarita Gose (3.4% ABV), White Oak Jai Alai IPA (7.5% ABV), Transient Artisan Ales Foeder #2 With De Chaunac Grapes (5.5% ABV)


Perennial Artisan Ales Sump Coffee Stout Adola 2017(10.5% ABV), Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout (11% ABV), Florida Man (9.3% ABV), Invasion Pale Ale (5% ABV)

Not pictured: Puppy’s Breath (ABV 8%)

Overall, the visit to Cigar City was a success! The taproom offers both in-house brews and few options from other breweries, the bartenders were awesome, the beer was delicious (duh again!) and most important they’re dog friendly! I’m glad I ordered flights instead of trying to power through several pints, because I definitely would have tried. I would also like to add, this is the first time I considered buying brewery merch, but instead I bought more beer to take home. Honestly, if you love beer and happen to be in Tampa you would be silly not to stop by.  Side note: I chuckled to myself thinking about how I used to be on a mad search (and may or may not have sent a some others on a goose chase around Atl) for Jai Alai, but in Tampa it’s as easy as buying water. May the people of Tampa never take their luxuries for granted.

Shout Outs and High Fives

  1. Meditation! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to step away and turn on the Breath app for a quick guided meditation. It’s lifesaver! Someone on your nerves? Meditate. Your 5 mile/8 min commute turned to 35 mins (True story)? Meditate. Watching Married at First Sight causing you real life anxiety? Meditate.
  2. Adult Swim, specifically the people responsible for the promos. The commercials are both enlightening and scary AF, but I dig it! Sidebar: If I’m lucky enough to have someone from AS read this, the streets want new episodes of Black Jesus. The streets = Me and my dog.
  3. Animals on HBO. Cross dressing pigeons, cat gangs, tripping moths, drugged lab mice in love with a clump of dirt cage liter. You just have to see it for yourself.

With all the terrible shit (sorry, I couldn’t find a better word) going on the in the world I’m skipping the “Thumbs Down” on this post.  I’ll air my grievances another day.

Cheers y’all!

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Waiting in my inbox was the same email I’ve received every May for the past 5 years. “Domain beerlaughlove.com is about to expire”. This year was the first time it hit me, “Damn, I have a website I don’t even use”. To be honest with you I wasn’t motivated to write and I was stuck on what my next “beer goal” should be. I finished 300 different beer before 30 with my liver still in tact. Now what?  At first I was going to set a new goal and continue to keep count, but writing about the same “citrus notes IPA spill” got boring. Stuck,unmotivated, and busy with work and other ventures ( Hey L.I.C.!) I thought about letting the website go. But I couldn’t just roll over and let that happen. With the help of my boyfriend (Hey Bear!) I came up with a new angle for Beer Laugh Love. Staring this month I will launch Phase 2 of Beer Laugh Love.  I will be focusing more on beer adventures around the Southeast and eventually around the country. What does that mean?  Breweries, specialty beer stores/sections, events, and all other fun things beer related. I’ll still keep track of my beer number (I’m at 386 by the way. Thanks Untappd!) and give the thumbs rating. What’s going to make this different from the thousands of blogs that are already out there? Well nothing, other than the fact that I wrote it and I’m funny AF most of the time.  Hopefully I’ll drink some good beers, see some cool places, and you get some entertainment along the way. Happy reading!


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A Productive Hiatus (aka L.I.C. plug)

Hey Hey Hey!

I know, I know. It’s been a while, but I have a really good reason. Over the past year I’ve been up to eyeballs in in flour and cream cheese frosting. Myself and two of my close friends launched our baking business Liquor Infused Confection. (You respond with “say whaaaat”) Yep, you read it right. Liquor infused. We have a variety of different desserts, from Rum Red Velvet Cupcakes (crowd favorite) to Drunken Peach Cobbler. Our concept is classic desserts with an “adult flair”.  I know what you’re thinking. How do you get these mouth watering treats?  Two ways my friends! 1. Kickstarter! You get to help our little business and get some sweet treats in return.  2.The website to check out the menu, prices and place orders. It’s just that simple!IMG_3762

You can also follow our adventures on Facebook and @dessertsbylic on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t worry, I haven’t slowed down on my beer adventures. You can follow on me at Willsss on Untappd (my plug game is bananas tonight). More new post coming soon!

High Fives and Shout outs

  1. Congrats to my #1 snow Elizabeth on her engagement! Fingers crossed you and Lindsey Lohan share the same wedding date!
  2.  Steph Curry for hitting 2 3 pointers within 30 seconds of my typing the first s/o.
  3. Puppies! Because they’re cute. Duh!

I’m too tired to have a specific “Thumbs Downs and WTFs”.

Cheers y’all!

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Seis Días!

6 days until the big 3-0. 10 beers until the big 3-0-0.

#281 Goose Island Sofie (ABV 6.5%)
Raisins, wheat, banana, vanilla. Thumbs Up!

#282 Victory Brewing Co. Summer Love (ABV 5.20%)
Not sure if I was palate hacked from drinking Sofie, but I was not a fan. Extremely heavy wheat flavor and nothing else. Side Thumb.

#283 21st Amendment Hop Crisis Imperial IPA (ABV 9.7%)
Limited release. Hops, hops, hops! light A hint of pine, but mostly hops. Thumbs Up!

#284 Knee Deep Brewing Co. Hop Shortage Triple Hopped IPA. (ABV 11.3%)
Love! Love! Love! Strong floral and citrus aroma. Heavy on the hops, pine, caramel notes, grassy/earthy finish. Will definitely goes on the list of my favorite IPAs. Thumbs Up!

#285 Dogfish Head Aprihop (ABV 7%)
The verdict is still out on this one. I’m a fan of the apricot, but the apricot and hops mash-up wasn’t as awesome as I hoped it would be. 2 o’ clock Thumb for the idea and for not being terrible.

#286 Evil Twin I Love You With My Stout (ABV 12%)
Smooth almost silky. Coffe, raisins, hints of both chocolate and vanilla, mild hoppy finish.

#287 Anderson Valley Summer Solstice (ABV 5%)
Honestly… it tastes like coors light. Sorry. Floppy Fish Thumb.

#288 Three Taverns White Hops (ABV 6.5%)
Heavy lemon, mild hops, tart finish. Thumbs Up! Side Note: If you’ve never eaten at True Foods at Lenox… Do it!

#289 Terrapin Rye Cubed Triple Rye India Pale Ale (ABV 8.3%)
Citrus hops and sweetness from malts. Thumbs Up!

#290 21st Amendment Monk’s Blood (ABV 8.3%)
Raisins(the can says figs), cinnamon, hint of vanilla. Good stuff. Will be an awesome beer for the winter. Thumbs Up!

No specific “Thumbs Ups and High Fives” today. Everything is awesome!

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Somewhere in America

2013 (and the end of 2012) came and went and apparently so did my will to write. To make the situation even worse, I lost ALL my notes and pictures from the past year, then miraculously recovered the first set of notes I lost from 2012. With the help of Instagram and the magic of screenshots I was able to put the pieces together for the first post of the year. Warning: This post will look kind of dicey due to the lack of pics and descriptions, but the numbers are all that matter right now. Enjoy!

#180 Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat (ABV 5.2%)
My first pumpkin beer (I think). Light pumpkin and hint of spice. That’s about it. 11 o’clock thumb.

#181 Highland Brewery Black Mocha Stout (ABV 5%) and #182 Green Flash Hop Head Red (ABV 7%)

#183 Sam Adams Octoberfest (ABV 5.3%)

#184 Jailhouse Breakout Stout (ABV 7.8%)

#185 Thomas Creek Brewery Up The Creek Extreme IPA (ABV 12.5%)

#186 Founder’s Breakfast Stout (ABV 8.3%)
One of my favorite stouts EVER! Strong chocolate flavor, a hint of oats, with a coffee finish. It sounds crazy, but I almost wanted to chew it, I think it was the oats tricking me. Thumbs Up.

#187 Sierra Nevada Harvest (ABV 6.7%)

Honestly can’t remember if it was the Northwestern or Southwestern.

#188 Lagunitas Hop Stoopid (ABV 8%)

#189 Samuel Smith’s Brewery Organic Best Ale (ABV 5%)

#190 Bridgeport Hop Czar Imperial IPA (ABV 7.5%)
Complete balance of hops and citrus. A house favorite. Thumbs Up.

#191 Samuel Smiths Brewery Oatmeal Stout (ABV 5%)

#192 Sierra Nevada Torpedo IPA(ABV 7.2%)
This was the first beer I drank last year. Yes, I’m that behind. Another house favorite. Thumbs Up

Beers 193-194 are compliments of the Bloomington, MN Double Tree
#193 Summit Brewing Company Extra Pale Ale (ABV 5.2%)

#194 Odell Brewing Company IPA (ABV 7%)

#195 Fulton Street Child of Vine IPA (ABV 6.4%)
My farewell beer at the Minneapolis airport.

#196 Bridgeport Brewing Company India Pale Ale (ABV 5.5%)

#197 Budweiser Black Crown (ABV 6%)

#198 Boulevard Grainstorm Dark IPA (ABV 7.7%)

#199 Miss Fancy’s Tripel (ABV 9.7%)
Sunday Funday trip to Avondale Brewery.

#200 Nero’s 1st Century Double Dark Malt Ale (ABV 8%)

#201 Lagunitas Maximus Ale IPA (ABV 8.2%)

#202 Goose Island 25th Anniversary (ABV 6.4%)
If never had a Goose Island beer that I didn’t like. The awesome mac n’ cheese at Keystone and hanging with my snow made it even better.

Side Note: If I was on my game at the time I would’ve written a post about the Cincinnati beer scene and Jungle Jim’s Beer Festival. The Jungle Jim’s Beer Festival put every beer festival (I’ve attended) to shame. Slightly cheaper and a meal, pretzels, and water were included in the price. Step it up, Atl.

#203 McGuire IPA (ABV ??%)

Mini vacay to P-cola. Decent IPA.

#204 Gouden Carolus Hopsinjoor (ABV 8%) and #205 Evil Twin Molotov Cocktail (ABV 13%)
Mid-week trip to Brick Store Pub with CB. We met a few creeps, but the beers were great as usual. Sorry, no pic.

#206 SweetWater Brewery Lowrider IPA (ABV 6.2%)

#207 Flying Dog Brewery Snake Dog IPA (ABV 7.10%)

#208 Samuel Adams Double Agent-IPL(ABV 5%)

#209 Tap Room 21 Amber Ale (ABV 4.8%)

(Beers 206-209, along with a few favorites)

Thanks to CB for the birthday presents, beers 210-211.
#210 Ommengang Three Philosophers (ABV 9.7%)

#211 Urthel Samaranth Quadrium Ale (ABV 11%)
Made the mistake of drinking this entire bottle in one night. Wooo!

#212 Mother Earth Sunny Haze (ABV 5%)

#213 Monday Night Brewing Eye Patch Ale (6.20%)


#217 Evil Twin Brewing Yin Imperial Taji Stout (ABV 10%)
Exceptional stout. Thumbs up!

#218 21st Amendment (collaboration with Elysian Brewing) He Said Baltic-Style Porter (ABV 8.2)
Awesome beer for the fall. Pumpkin, spice, and cinnamon. Thumbs Up!

#219 Three Taverns Craft Brewery A Night In Brussels IPA (ABV 7.5%)
Decent. Yep, that’s about it. 10 o’ clock.

#220 Evil Twin Brewing Ryan and the Beaster Bunny (ABV 7%)

I bought it, because of the name. It took 220 beers for me to realize that I’m not into farmhouse ales. With that being said, it was just ok.

#221 21st Amendment (collaboration with Elysian Brewing) He Said Belgian- Style Tripel (ABV 8.2%)
I had to try both styles of He Said. Another hit! Thumbs Up!

#222 Weyerbacher Brewing Co. Seventeen (ABV 10.5%)
The first beer I’ve ever poured out. I gave it the side thumb, because I dug the banana and spice notes. Other than that, no thanks. Another farmhouse fail for me.

#223 Cigar City Brewing Jai Alai IPA (ABV 7.5%)
One of my new favorite IPAs. Heavy with sweet fruits, with a citrus and hoppy finish. Thumbs Up!

#224 Red Brick Brewing Co Brick Mason Series #8 Vanilla Gorilla
Heavy vanilla aroma and flavor, slight smokey finish. Nice job! Thumbs Up!

#225 Good People Brewing Company Snake Handler Double IPA (ABV 10%)
Citrus, grass, and pine with bitterness from the hops. Thanks, Good People! Thumbs Up!

#226 Good People Brewing Company Brown Ale (ABV 5.4%)
I couldn’t get a good taste of the beer, because it was ice cold. 11 o’ clock thumb, just cause it wasn’t bad.

#227 Oskar Blue Brewing Ten Fiddy Imperial Stout (10.5%)

#228 Green Flash Brewing Green Bullet Triple IPA (ABV 10.1%)
On point! Thumbs up!

#229 Good People Brewing Company Fatso Imperial Stout (ABV 9.3%)
Robust, roasted malts, dark chocolate. Amazing stout! Thumbs Up!

#230 Terrapin Beer Co. Wake N’ Bake Coffee Oatmeal Stout (ABV 8.6%)
Recommendation from the bartender at Hop City Birmingham. Black coffee, oats, and a hint of cocoa! Another amazing stout! Thumbs Up!

#231 Rouge Captain Sip’s Northwestern Ale (ABV 6.2%)

It was just ok, nothing great. 10 o’clock thumb.

#232 21st Amendment Brewery Back in Black Black IPA (6.8%)
A hodgepodge of an IPA and a stout. Thumbs Up!

#233 Green Flash Brewing Co Palate Wrecker Imperial IPA (ABV 9.5%)

LOVE! Thumbs Waaay Up!

#234 Left Hand Brewing Co. Milk Stout Nitro (ABV 6%)
Since this is America’s Stout, I’m going to compare it America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys. You expect it to be good, but it’s a total let down. Side Thumb.

#235 MOA Brewing Co Imperial Stout (ABV 10.2%)

Aged in Pinot Noir Barrels! Heavy pinot noir flavor with hints of malts and cocoa. Better than I expected. Thumbs up!

#236 Brew Dogs Libetarian Black Ale (ABV 7.2%)

Hoppy stout is the best way to describe it. Nice! 11’o clock!

#237 Kasteel Rouge Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck (ABV 8%)
Belgian ale brewed with cherries. It wouldn’t be a beer that I drink all the time, but it is pretty good. Thumbs Up!

High Fives and Thumbs Up
1. The beginning of what hopefully is another fun filled year.
2. The return of Workaholics on Comedy Central.
3. Smyrna Beer Market! That place is going to get me in trouble.
4. Al Rocker for going in on the local and state government for their lack of preparation before the “ice storm”.
5. The Good Samaritans that pushed my car up the ice Cumberland Blvd hill 2 weeks ago.

Thumbs Down and WTFs
1. The Atlanta “Ice Storm” of 2014… or as I like to call it FAilTL. I’ve already gotten on my soapbox about this issue, but I’d like to state again how ridiculous this whole thing is. I put quotes around ice storms, because I have driven in worse conditions. 2 inches shut down a whole city? C’mon!
2. Myself, for failing to rate most of the beers in this post.
3. Sharing beer when you don’t really want to. I offered my uncle beer without thinking and had to fork over a Bell’s Expedition Stout. He didn’t like it, but finished it anyway. S/o Uncle Rick!

Oh, and s/o to the IG handles featured in the post!

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The “Pro” in Procrastination: Part 2

My peeps, what’s up! I took a couple month… heck who are we kidding… it was a year hiatus.  In the mist of this break. I lost my beer list. I have no idea what number I’m on or half the beers I’ve had in the past 8-9 mos, so I’m out here wing’n it. I found this lost post that I never published

#170 Brooklyn Brewery East India Pale Ale ( 6.9% ABV )
Lemony hops is all I have note. Thumbs up. Warning: Do not pair with Fireball Whiskey! It won’t end well.
Karaoke night with the bf courtesy of Comcast OnDemand.


#171 Lagunita Lucky 13 Anniversary (8.80 % ABV)
Lemons, hoppy, bite, brassy. I’ll let you be the judge. Thumbs up.


#172 Chattanooga Brewing Company Imperial Pilsner ( 5.50% ABV)
I usually stray away from pils, but this one was better than I expected. Lemony, malts, slight hops. No pic, but mid-thumbs up.

#173 Brooklyn Summer Ale (5.0% ABV)
Kinda watery. I think it was suppose to be a citrus, hoppy number, but that didn’t happen. I’m going to assume there were some issues going on. No pic. Mid-thumb down.

#174 Oscar Blue G’Knight (8.70% ABV)
All I have written for this beer is the word “Bold”. I gave it a thumb up, so I guess it was good.

# 175 Clown Shoes Stupa Hero India Pale Ale. (8% ABV)
I planned to publish a post on IPA day. Clearly that didn’t happen. No description listed in my phone, but the pic indicates that I enjoyed it. Thumbs up!


#176 Unita Detour Double India Pale Ale (9.5% ABV)
Ditto from previous beer. Thumbs up!

#177 St. Bernardous Prior 8 (8% ABV)
I remember this being boozy. Possible hints of dark fruits. Not going to lie, I can’t remember the details. Thumbs up.


#178 Bud Light Platinum (6% ABV)- No pic, same ol’ attempt from Bud to compete with craft beer. Keep trying guys! (No pic)

#179 Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat (5.30% ABV)
I only remember that it was cherry and delicious. Guest staring thumb (and fabulous accessories): A. Stone


Shout Outs and High Fives
1. 18 days til the return of Alabama Football! (pop locking)
2. CB for gifting me with my first set of “adult glasses”. I’m growing up one day at a time.

Thumbs Down ans WTFs
1. Myself. I recently turned 29 and have over 110 beers to drink in 357 days. Pressure is on!

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The ‘Pro’ In Procrastination: 1

In typical BeerLaughLove.com style, I drink more than I write which leads to posts, such as this.
#159 Red Hare Imperial Red IPA (ABV 9.4 %)
Nah, it was ok.  Nothing fany to remember. No pic. Mental side thumb.

#160 Country Boy Brewing Lazy Rye Pale Ale (6.2%)
Hoppy with slight caramel taste. Thats all I wrote in my phone. Thumbs up.

#161 Country Boy Brewing Brown Chicken, Brown Cow (ABV 4.8%)
Water, chocolate, and toffee. I don’t know if that was a bad batch or what, but I was not a fan. No pic. Thumbs down. All the way down.

#162 O’Fallon Brewery Hemp Hop Rye Amber Ale (ABV 5.50 %)
Decent. Mid-thumb.


#163 Southern Tier Eurotrash Pilz (ABV 5.2 %)
I was intrigued by the name “Eurotrash”. I should’ve left it on the shelf.  Not bad, but not impressive. Side Thumb.


#164 Bluegrass Brewing Company Saison (ABV 4.9%)
Awesomeness in a bottle.  You can never go wrong with a saison. Thumbs Up!


Originally there was suppose to be a sepearate post just for  my trip to KY and the breweries. Clearly that didn’t happen, but here are a few scenes from the tour.


Samples after brewery tour at Alltech’s Lexinton Brewing and Distilling Company. Hands down one of the best brewery tours I’ve experienced so far. Awesome beer!


Flight at West Sixth Brewery. Top: Dead Heat Wheat (ABV 4.5%), Right: Deliberation Amber (ABV 5.5%), Bottom: Smithtown Brown (ABV 5.5%), Left: West Sixth IPA (ABV 7%).

#165 5 Seasons Centennial IPA (ABV ???%)
Floral and grassy with bold orange and grapefruit flavors. Smelled bread and my burps smelled like flowers. Love! Thumbs Up!


#166 Oscar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale (ABV 6.5%)
Lemon, orange, grapefuit, and hops. Surprisingly good. I would have taken a pic, but we were at Sound Table observing the snobs. Thumbs up.

#167 Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA (ABV 6%)
90 Minutes little brother. Still just as good. Thumbs up

#168 Red Brick Brewing Company Hoplanta (ABV 6.7%)
Pretty good. No details written and of course I can’t remeber any deatil. Thumbs up I guess.

#169 Unita Brewing Company Hop Notch (ABV 7.3%)
It got a thumbs up so I guess I liked it?

High Fives and Shout Outs
1. University of Alabama Football is back baaybee! Prepare for domination. Roll MF Tide!

2. Newman’s Own has wine! I haven’t tried it yet, but I love almost (the frozen meals were not a hit for me) anything made by the company. Plus, all profits go to charities. Drinking for a cause? Yes, please.

3. Lindsey’s first craft beer! Leikengule Summer Shandy was a semi-winner.

Thumbs Downs and WTFs
1. The price of premium gas. You regular gas peeps are living the dream.

2. The Rep/Dem, Mitt/Obama Facebook Beefs. I’m all about freedom of speech, but some people need to chill. In the words of Bad Boy’s former golden boy Mase… “East, west, every state, c’mon bury the hate.”

Oh… and special s/o to Tammy! An amazing lady I met at the Great Atlanta Beer Festival who tried to convince me that Montgomery isn’t a scary place. Roll Tide, girl!

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Good Problems

So, I have been so engulfed with playing Dope Wars on my Android and complaining about my life that I published a post in over a two months. I’m so far behind that I forgot about most the beers and relying on the Inkpad app and the pics saved in my phone. With that being said (or written), here goes beers 153-158.

The Place: My Apt
The Peeps: SGC, Star, and Honored Guest CB
The Beers: #153 Breckenridge Pandora’s Bock (ABV 7.5%) and #154 Widmer Pitch Black IPA (ABV 6.5%)

#153 Breckenridge Pandora’s Bock (ABV 7.5%)

Caramel and malty. That’s all I have written down in my phone, so I guess that all I felt about it. Thumbs up!

#154 Widmer Picth Black IPA (Abv 6.5%)

Ha! I don’t have anything written about this one. Too much fun and pizza I guess? I gave it a thumbs up though.

This was my  first time purchasing a growler and the very nice man working at Moondogs Growler made my first experience an awesome one. Check ’em out!

The Place: CB’s Crib and Mi Casa
The Peep: GA Snows and Bear
The Beer: #155 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA (ABV 7%)

Forgot the details, but I do remember that I liked the beer and the can. Oh well… Thumbs up!

The Place: Terminal Brewhouse- Chattanoooga, TN
The Peep: Toyo
The Beer: #156 Belgian White (ABV 5.3%)

I had to shoot up to Chatty to volunteer at my church’s annual health fair and I met up with Toyo (The BFF) for lunch. Even though she doesn’t like beer (I’m still working on that), she was kind enough to take me there so I can get a new beer under my belt. The Belgian White was the suggested beer that went with my sandwich (The Fru Fru. Its to die for) so I went for it.  Surprisingly, I actually remember this beer. Light hint of hops and wheat and (word) orange peel. Thumbs Up! Toyo tried it.  Still a “no go” for her.

Terminal Brewhouse has an impressive list of in-house craft beers. It’s awesome to see Chatt progressing in the brew world!

The Place: My Humble Abode
The Beer: #157 Sweetwater 15 (ABV 10.0%)

Hints of fruit, spice, hops. That’s all I got.

The Place: Noddle- Midtown, Atl
The Peep: CB Coupon Queen
The Beer: #158  Allagash White

As written in Inkpad for Android: Lemons, zest, wheat, yeasty, spice. Thumbs up. No pic  😦

High Fives and Shout Outs

  1. The University of Alabama Women’s softball team winning their first NCAA National Championship.
  2. The University of Alabama Women’s golf team winning their first NCAA National Championship.
  3. THe University of Alabama Gymnastics team on their sixth NCAA  National Championship

Thumbs Downs and WTFs

  1. ABC for canceling GCB. Not ok!
  2. The closing of Mulberry Street Pizza.  I mean, the owner couldn’t send a public notice in the mail to let me know it was going out of business. Now  I have to go down the road to NY Pizza Exchange for overpriced pizza. Not ok!

Side Note: I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Summer Beerfest.  Amazing beer. Food Trucks. Decent cover band. Need I say more? While I was out boozing it up in the sweltering ATL heat I met some cool peeps. S/o Nicole Willis living it up at O’Dempsey’s booth. Check out her blog thewitofahophead.com. Another s/o  Ari Fleisher the founder and president of Frozen Pints, delicious craft beer flavored ice cream.

My peeps!

S/o to all the craft beer loving black women out there! We’re coming up in the world! High Five!

This is by far the absolute worst post I’ve ever published in the history blogging. I am more than ashamed of myself. I pledge to do better… maybe.

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Late as usual… Tah Dah!

I figure it was time for me to get of my fat patty and finally pump out my first post of 2012.  As usual, I’ve been drinking (responsibly) way more than I’ve been writing, so I’m extremely behind (like thats a surprise). Anywho… Lets get to it!

The Place: Ormsby’s- Atlanta, Ga
The Peeps: Bear, CB & J, and other party goers
The Beers: Monday Night Drafty Kilt (ABV 7.2%) and St. Bernabous Abt 12 (ABV 10%)

#145 Monday Night Drafty Kilt (ABV7.2%)
I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a Monday Night beer for a minute.  I couldn’t ask for a better first beer of 2012.  It has a wonderful taste of roasted malts, dark fruits, and a hint of caramel and brown sugar.  Awesomeness in a glass!  Fist pump for local brews!  Thumbs up!

#146 St. Bernardus Abt 12 (ABV 10%)
Didn’t know what to get for the second round, so I went for whatever was available with a cool name and the highest alcohol content (I like more bang for my buck). Fruity, slighty sweet, hints of spice, and the hops gave it some bite at the end. In a nutshell it was decent.  Thumbs up.

The Place: Beer Fest International Beer House- New Orleans, LA
The Peeps: Bear, The Mess, and Bobby
The Beers: Voodoo Bengal (ABV 5.50%)  and Hopitoulas IPA (ABV 6.0%)

Back in the Nola for the BCS National Championship to cheer on The Tide (Ahem… who whooped LSU’s a**, btw). I only had two requests for this 24 hours rendezvous. 1. Char-grilled Oysters from Drago’s. 2. Visit to Beer Fest International Beer House.  We had an amazing time and Bear snapped an awesome pic of Nick Saban on the team bus while I ran through the crowd trying to find the nearest bathroom to potty.

#147 Tin Roof Brewing Voodoo Bengal (ABV 5.50%)
Not gonna lie. I don’t remember anything about this beer. I was so caught up in the excitement I didn’t even take a pic (which usually jogs my memory). My bad…

#148 NOLA Brewing Company Hopitoulas IPA (ABV 6.0%)
Hops and citrus is all I remember about this one, which is usually a given with IPA. Per Beer Advocate its combined with 6 malts and 6 hops with an additional dry hopping for 3 weeks and it takes a month to make each batch. Fancy huh? Thumbs up! The pic is missing in action.

The Place: Brick Store Pub- Decatur, GA
The Peep: CB
The Beers: Bell’s Brewery Inc. Hopslam (ABV 10%), Founders Brewing Company Double Trouble (ABV 9.4%), Brasserie de Silly LaDevine (ABV 9.5%)

#149 Bell’s Brewery Inc. Hopslam (ABV 10%)
For a few weeks most of the beer peeps I follow on Twitter (@BeerLaughLove, btw) were losing their minds about the release of Hopslam, so I had to see what the fuss was about.  First off, the aroma of hops and grapefruit was amazing.  This beer definitely lives up to its name.  At first all I could taste was hops, hops, grapefruit and hops, but as I drank more of it I could taste hints of caramel, which toned down the bitterness from the hops.  Not going to lie.  My expectation for this beer were way to high, but I did like it.  Thumbs Up!

#150 Founders Brewing Company Double Trouble (ABV 9.4%)
This was the bartender recommended for Round 2.  It has an awesome balance of citrus fruits, grapefruits (I know it’s a citrus fruit, but it stood out), and hops with hints of floral and the malts give a sweet finish at the end. I’m probably going to get punched in the face, but I liked Double Trouble a more than I liked Hopslam.  Thumbs Up.

#151 Brasserie de Silly LaDevine (ABV 9.5%)
We switched over from IPAs to a Tripel.  I think we picked this solely off the name and the ABV (that how we roll).  It was fruity and sweet with hints of spice (like nutmeg). It was a good ending to our Sunday Funday. Thumbs up! Sorry folks, no pic.

I’ve lived in Atl for two years and this was my first trip to BrickStore Pub.  Clearly I’ve been sleeping under a rock.  It was everything CB said it would be (she’s a regular) and more. Good food, good beer, nice people.  I can’t wait to go back!

The Place: Cheeseburger in Paradise
The Peeps: Bear and friends
The Beer: #152 Kona Brewing Company Fire Rock Pale Ale (ABV 5.9%)

I straggled along with Bear for one of his work functions.  Wasn’t hungry or in the mood to drink, but since he was buying what the heck.  In true Kit fashion, I ordered a beer with cool name (Well, the coolest name I could find on that menu anyway).  Interesting blend of grassy hops and tangy citrus taste.  I wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing.  I gave to the mid side thumb, because it paired well with my fried pickles.

S/O and High Fives
I’ve been so lazy with putting up my post that all my the good s/o and high fives are super late, but (word)

  1. 2012 BCS National Champions The University of Alabama Crimson Tide.  It was the perfect start to my 2012. ROLL TIDE!
  2. This year’s NCAA Tourney!  My bracket is in shambles as usual, but I’m loving every minute of March Madness.
  3. Dope Wars game on Android. Who knew pretending to sell drugs could be as addictive at now as it was in 10th grade.

Thumbs downs and WTFs

  1. People who write in all caps on Facebook.  Are you yelling at us? Do you not know how to take disable cap lock? I don’t understand.
  2. The phrase “You aint about this/that life”. I wish it would go away, along with “That’s what’s up” and “It is what it is”.

Side Note: apparently while I was in The N.O. I added another beer to the list, but didn’t document it in my phone.  I gave it a thumbs up, so I guess it was good. Still trying to decide if I should add “Mystery Beer” to the list.

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Christmas Shenanigans in a Glass

I’m super late as usual, but that’s just how this kid rolls.  At least I got a post up before the New Year. Enjoy!

#140 Anchor Steam Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (ABV 5.5%)

My contribution to CB’s Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. I was originally going to take a couple bottles of Crispin Hard Cider, but the Anchor Steam bottle was more festive.  Heavy foam head, but I blame that on my terrible pouring. On the upside, the foam gave off a nice spicey aroma. This beer really did taste like Christmas in a cup! Rich, spicey (like nutmeg, not tobasco), and toasted malts with a woodsy finish. According to the Anchor Steam website the label and secret recipe changes every year. Thumbs up!

Safety first!


#141 Sierra Nevada Gillsade 2011 (ABV 6.4%)

I went to a company Christmas party with a friend in Downtown Atlanta. It was everything a you can ask for in a fancy work function.  Good food, open bar, drunk inappropriate co-workers. The beer selection wasn’t great, but you can’t beat free. I drank it straight from the bottle, so I don’t know the color. I’ll take a stab in the dark and guess its golden? Crisp, light hops, and slight bitter after taste. Not gonna lie, I was too busy playing Blackjack to pay close attention to taste details or take a picture. Mentally, I gave it a 9 o’clock (midway point between side thumb and thumbs up).

#142 Miller Genuine Draft (ABV???)

I was so crazied with playing Blackjack I made the mistake of telling the waiter to bring me any available beer. MGD tastes like piss, skunk, depression, and tears. This doesn’t even get a thumb. I should’ve given it the finger. I can only blame myself… and Blackjack.


#143 Bell’s Brewery Cherry Stout (ABV 7%)

I went out for a weeknight Taco Mac outing with some peeps. The beer menu is exhausting so I went with the first name that caught my attention. As I have stated 1000 times stouts aren’t my favorite, but this one changed my life. The cherries, chocolate, and roasted malts all came together and slapped me in the mouth (in a good way). The tart finish from the cherries really set it off. Perfection! No pic, but it get an elevated thumb for awesomeness!

#144 Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale 2011 (ABV 9%)

Believe or not, this was my first time at Trader Joe’s. It was pretty intense. It was like the entire story was frantic for booze. I felt like a big alchy waiting in line with my beer and two bottles of wine, but when I noticed people around me had SEVERAL cases of wine, my shame went away. Anywho… The Vintages Ale 2011 was pleasantly delicious! It was very smooth operatorish. Brewed with noble hops, roasted malts, and spices. Hints of raisins and cloves rounded out the flavor. Thumbs up! For some reason the pic wouldn’t upload. I’m really slacking this post.

High Fives and Shout Outs

1. To me! I added 91 beers to the list this year! It may not be alot to cool people, but it is for us regular folk.

2. All my peeps for reading another year of my shenanigans and my new readers for getting on board.

WTFs and Thumbs Downs

1. LSU everything…

Well kids, we got another year down. Hope 2011 was everything you wanted it to be and more. I would say lets recap, but I don’t remember much of it (in a forgetful Alzheimer’s kind of way, not in a constant hangover way). I wish you nothing, but the best for the 2012. Don’t make New Years resolutions… change when you feel like it (or not). Love your old (insert flaw/sin here) self. Peace and Cheers!

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