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Waiting in my inbox was the same email I’ve received every May for the past 5 years. “Domain beerlaughlove.com is about to expire”. This year was the first time it hit me, “Damn, I have a website I don’t even use”. To be honest with you I wasn’t motivated to write and I was stuck on what my next “beer goal” should be. I finished 300 different beer before 30 with my liver still in tact. Now what?  At first I was going to set a new goal and continue to keep count, but writing about the same “citrus notes IPA spill” got boring. Stuck,unmotivated, and busy with work and other ventures ( Hey L.I.C.!) I thought about letting the website go. But I couldn’t just roll over and let that happen. With the help of my boyfriend (Hey Bear!) I came up with a new angle for Beer Laugh Love. Staring this month I will launch Phase 2 of Beer Laugh Love.  I will be focusing more on beer adventures around the Southeast and eventually around the country. What does that mean?  Breweries, specialty beer stores/sections, events, and all other fun things beer related. I’ll still keep track of my beer number (I’m at 386 by the way. Thanks Untappd!) and give the thumbs rating. What’s going to make this different from the thousands of blogs that are already out there? Well nothing, other than the fact that I wrote it and I’m funny AF most of the time.  Hopefully I’ll drink some good beers, see some cool places, and you get some entertainment along the way. Happy reading!


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A Productive Hiatus (aka L.I.C. plug)

Hey Hey Hey!

I know, I know. It’s been a while, but I have a really good reason. Over the past year I’ve been up to eyeballs in in flour and cream cheese frosting. Myself and two of my close friends launched our baking business Liquor Infused Confection. (You respond with “say whaaaat”) Yep, you read it right. Liquor infused. We have a variety of different desserts, from Rum Red Velvet Cupcakes (crowd favorite) to Drunken Peach Cobbler. Our concept is classic desserts with an “adult flair”.  I know what you’re thinking. How do you get these mouth watering treats?  Two ways my friends! 1. Kickstarter! You get to help our little business and get some sweet treats in return.  2.The website to check out the menu, prices and place orders. It’s just that simple!IMG_3762

You can also follow our adventures on Facebook and @dessertsbylic on Instagram and Twitter. Don’t worry, I haven’t slowed down on my beer adventures. You can follow on me at Willsss on Untappd (my plug game is bananas tonight). More new post coming soon!

High Fives and Shout outs

  1. Congrats to my #1 snow Elizabeth on her engagement! Fingers crossed you and Lindsey Lohan share the same wedding date!
  2.  Steph Curry for hitting 2 3 pointers within 30 seconds of my typing the first s/o.
  3. Puppies! Because they’re cute. Duh!

I’m too tired to have a specific “Thumbs Downs and WTFs”.

Cheers y’all!

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Good Problems

So, I have been so engulfed with playing Dope Wars on my Android and complaining about my life that I published a post in over a two months. I’m so far behind that I forgot about most the beers and relying on the Inkpad app and the pics saved in my phone. With that being said (or written), here goes beers 153-158.

The Place: My Apt
The Peeps: SGC, Star, and Honored Guest CB
The Beers: #153 Breckenridge Pandora’s Bock (ABV 7.5%) and #154 Widmer Pitch Black IPA (ABV 6.5%)

#153 Breckenridge Pandora’s Bock (ABV 7.5%)

Caramel and malty. That’s all I have written down in my phone, so I guess that all I felt about it. Thumbs up!

#154 Widmer Picth Black IPA (Abv 6.5%)

Ha! I don’t have anything written about this one. Too much fun and pizza I guess? I gave it a thumbs up though.

This was my  first time purchasing a growler and the very nice man working at Moondogs Growler made my first experience an awesome one. Check ’em out!

The Place: CB’s Crib and Mi Casa
The Peep: GA Snows and Bear
The Beer: #155 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA (ABV 7%)

Forgot the details, but I do remember that I liked the beer and the can. Oh well… Thumbs up!

The Place: Terminal Brewhouse- Chattanoooga, TN
The Peep: Toyo
The Beer: #156 Belgian White (ABV 5.3%)

I had to shoot up to Chatty to volunteer at my church’s annual health fair and I met up with Toyo (The BFF) for lunch. Even though she doesn’t like beer (I’m still working on that), she was kind enough to take me there so I can get a new beer under my belt. The Belgian White was the suggested beer that went with my sandwich (The Fru Fru. Its to die for) so I went for it.  Surprisingly, I actually remember this beer. Light hint of hops and wheat and (word) orange peel. Thumbs Up! Toyo tried it.  Still a “no go” for her.

Terminal Brewhouse has an impressive list of in-house craft beers. It’s awesome to see Chatt progressing in the brew world!

The Place: My Humble Abode
The Beer: #157 Sweetwater 15 (ABV 10.0%)

Hints of fruit, spice, hops. That’s all I got.

The Place: Noddle- Midtown, Atl
The Peep: CB Coupon Queen
The Beer: #158  Allagash White

As written in Inkpad for Android: Lemons, zest, wheat, yeasty, spice. Thumbs up. No pic  😦

High Fives and Shout Outs

  1. The University of Alabama Women’s softball team winning their first NCAA National Championship.
  2. The University of Alabama Women’s golf team winning their first NCAA National Championship.
  3. THe University of Alabama Gymnastics team on their sixth NCAA  National Championship

Thumbs Downs and WTFs

  1. ABC for canceling GCB. Not ok!
  2. The closing of Mulberry Street Pizza.  I mean, the owner couldn’t send a public notice in the mail to let me know it was going out of business. Now  I have to go down the road to NY Pizza Exchange for overpriced pizza. Not ok!

Side Note: I had the pleasure of attending the Atlanta Summer Beerfest.  Amazing beer. Food Trucks. Decent cover band. Need I say more? While I was out boozing it up in the sweltering ATL heat I met some cool peeps. S/o Nicole Willis living it up at O’Dempsey’s booth. Check out her blog thewitofahophead.com. Another s/o  Ari Fleisher the founder and president of Frozen Pints, delicious craft beer flavored ice cream.

My peeps!

S/o to all the craft beer loving black women out there! We’re coming up in the world! High Five!

This is by far the absolute worst post I’ve ever published in the history blogging. I am more than ashamed of myself. I pledge to do better… maybe.

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“It’s broken! My arm is broken!”

My KY Snows, Jen and Jake (no relation) came down to Atlanta for a visit.  We had an awesome time, despite my car not having A/C in 95 degree weather (My bad, son).  Even though we melted to death and realized how old and tattered we all are, we still managed to have fun.  Awesome food, good beer, and a broken arm!  That’s just how we roll…

The Place: Red Brick Brewery, Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Jen R.

The Beers: #89 Dog Days Ale (ABV 5.7%)

                      #90 Laughing Skull (ABV 4.1%)

Red Brick was the first stop of the weekend, well actually Old Navy was the first stop, but we’ll get into that mishap later. 

#89 Dog Days Ale (ABV 5.7%)

I love Hefeweizens!  It has lovely golden yellow color and wonderful summer taste of citrus, wheat orange and hops.  This beer is perfect for a summer day, preferably poolside.  Nice job!  Thumbs up!

#90 Laughing Skull (ABV 4.1%)

Nice  runner-up for the day.  Nice amber color with a sweet and malty taste.  I have wanted to try it for while, so I was glad to finally add it to the list.  Thumbs up!

This was my second time at Red Brick.  Not as big of a crowd as the first time, but it was decent.

The Place: 5 Seasons, Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA

The Peep: Jen R.

The Beer: #91 Jay D Whiskey Imperial Porter (ABV ???)

DARK and SCARY at first sight, but very delicious!  It has wonderful taste of chocolate, caramel, and fruit.  It kind of taste like chocolate whiskey raisin juice.  The beer was aged in a Jack Daniel barrel for 7 months.   I probably should have picked something a little lighter to pair with my shrimp and grit cakes, but it still hit the spot.  Thumbs up!  Shout out to Waiter Will for the suggestion! 

I made it back to 5 Seasons to try out the food (and more beer of or course).  AMAZING!  My food was awesome, the service was great, and the beer only made it better.  I should slap myself for over looking this place for the last 1 and a half.  I’m in love.

The Place: Hand In Hand- Virginia Highlands, Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Jen R., Jake R.

The Beer: #92 He’ Brew Messiah Bold (ABV 5.6%)

I was reluctant to try the beer because of the name, but what the heck!  Drinking isn’t a sin and I love my Lord!  It was nice dark brown ale to start off  the day and I enjoyed the happy Jewish man on the label.  Nothing amazing, but it was enjoyable. Thumbs up!

Hand In Hand was cool.  My Ruben was delicious and The Snows enjoyed their food as well.  The restaurant has an interesting menu and nice outdoor seating.  This was my first time hanging in Virginia Highlands since I moved to Atlanta.  There are plenty of restaurants and shops in walking distance of homes and tons of food trucks!  It is my dream neighborhood!  

The Place: Sweetwater- Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Jen R., Jake R., Phonso A., Corey

The Beer:  #93 Sweetwater Road Trip (ABV ???)

Not sure if this is my first pilsner, so I didn’t know what to expect.  Crisp flavor with a dry finish.  I couldn’t pull out any distinct flavors at the time.  It was decent, but not amazing.  The after taste reminded me of High Life (blah).  Side Thumb.

I think I am pretty much over my Sweetwater.  It’s still a cool place to hang out, but I think going there at once or twice a month is getting exhausting.  The heavy crowd and the dehydrated dogs are starting to get old.  The DD cup is defiantly on deck from now on.  It won’t bother me as much if I get in for free.

I want to take this time to apologize to Elizabeth (Jen as I like to call her) and Jake for the murder by heat I pulled on them that weekend.  I hope this doesn’t deter you from coming to visit ATL again.  If I had A/C during your visit, Jen wouldn’t have stuck her arm out the window and I wouldn’t have gotten too close to the bushes and butchered her wrist on the branches nor would her spray tan have melted of her body on the way the way to Red Brick.  I’m sorry that you had to buy a new shirt, Jen.  Steven has A/C again (Thanks to Phons) and now I can go from heat stroke to winter storm in a matter of minutes.  When I visit KY feel free to force me to do outside activities as pay back.


  1. King of Pops!  I finally found you after searching for 6 mos.  I must have not been looking too hard, because after I bought my popsicle I saw like two more stands on my way home.
  2. The parents that bring their babies and kids to the bar and beer tasting.  This has inspired my series of Quick Post titled “Baby at the Bar”.  I hope it’s as funny as everyone else as it is to me.  Sidenote:  This is not meant to be controversial, just good humor.
  3. Kateshrewsday for the “Like” on my last post.  A lot of people… well not a lot, but a good number of people read my post daily, but you were the first to actually move your mouse to “Like” button.  Thanks!  The rest of you should follow her lead.I

I’m going to leave you with a few pics that I thought were pretty fun from our weekend. Enjoy!

"Better out than in, I always say."- Shrek

For real son?Saw this in Va Hi. No further explanation needed. LOL!

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