It’s Never Over

Yes, my people the time- or beer shall I say, came and went over 2 months ago. I successfully accomplished my goal of drinking 300 different beers by my 30th birthday. Not going to lie, I got to 300 by the skin of my teeth. Here’s the countdown to the final 9 beers. Enjoy! #291 […]

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Seis Días!

6 days until the big 3-0. 10 beers until the big 3-0-0. #281 Goose Island Sofie (ABV 6.5%) Raisins, wheat, banana, vanilla. Thumbs Up! #282 Victory Brewing Co. Summer Love (ABV 5.20%) Not sure if I was palate hacked from drinking Sofie, but I was not a fan. Extremely heavy wheat flavor and nothing else. […]

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I Left My Wallet In Cincinatti

Last year I promised myself and E that I would post about my beer adventures in Cincinnati (and NKY), but if you look at my history you can clearly see that I never did. Despite my laziness, here it is! Oh, by the way… Cinci is hopping with tons of awesome bars, breweries, and restaurants. […]

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Just For Four

Nothing in depth. Just posting a little blurb to stay up to date. I apologize in advance for the terrible photography. #264 Lagunitas A Lil Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale (ABV 7.5%) Hoppy, sweet, a hint of pine. Well balanced IPA. Thumbs Up! #265 Tecate (ABV 4.5%) I’ve had this before, but I just can’t remember when, […]

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Aight, well … holla then.

I have less than 2 months to reach my goal. No room for water! Here are beers 246-263. #246 Brooklyn Blast IPA (ABV 8%) Surprising pick by the bf while we engaged in fine dining at Taco Mac in Midtown. Heavy pine and citrus (including rinds) and a nice balance of hops. Thumbs Up! #247 […]

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No Good Titles Today

I only have a little less than 4 months until I turn 30, so my life is pretty much dedicated to turning up beers and cranking out these posts. 55 beers till 300. Can I do it? #238 North Coast Brewing Co. Old Stock (ABV 11.8%) Another pick from Smyrna Beer Market. I was told […]

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Somewhere in America

2013 (and the end of 2012) came and went and apparently so did my will to write. To make the situation even worse, I lost ALL my notes and pictures from the past year, then miraculously recovered the first set of notes I lost from 2012. With the help of Instagram and the magic of […]

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