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That One Time In Tampa

Even though I’ve proven to be trash at keeping up with the blog monthly, with the help of Untappd (KitWill if you looking for a playa) I’ve been able to track beers over the past few months. While visiting the bf (Hey Bear!) in Tampa, FL it was only right that I also visit the home of Jai Alai, Cigar City. Let’s just be honest, it was the only mandatory place on my itinerary other than finding a dog park for my fur-son and a good cigar (duh!).

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For a Friday night it wasn’t crowded at all, which was fine because we were able to chat with the bartenders and get prime seating at the bar. For the first time EVER I took the bf’s “beer advice” and ordered flights instead of pints.


Space Pope (7.3% ABV), Margarita Gose (3.4% ABV), White Oak Jai Alai IPA (7.5% ABV), Transient Artisan Ales Foeder #2 With De Chaunac Grapes (5.5% ABV)


Perennial Artisan Ales Sump Coffee Stout Adola 2017(10.5% ABV), Marshal Zhukov’s Imperial Stout (11% ABV), Florida Man (9.3% ABV), Invasion Pale Ale (5% ABV)

Not pictured: Puppy’s Breath (ABV 8%)

Overall, the visit to Cigar City was a success! The taproom offers both in-house brews and few options from other breweries, the bartenders were awesome, the beer was delicious (duh again!) and most important they’re dog friendly! I’m glad I ordered flights instead of trying to power through several pints, because I definitely would have tried. I would also like to add, this is the first time I considered buying brewery merch, but instead I bought more beer to take home. Honestly, if you love beer and happen to be in Tampa you would be silly not to stop by.  Side note: I chuckled to myself thinking about how I used to be on a mad search (and may or may not have sent a some others on a goose chase around Atl) for Jai Alai, but in Tampa it’s as easy as buying water. May the people of Tampa never take their luxuries for granted.

Shout Outs and High Fives

  1. Meditation! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to step away and turn on the Breath app for a quick guided meditation. It’s lifesaver! Someone on your nerves? Meditate. Your 5 mile/8 min commute turned to 35 mins (True story)? Meditate. Watching Married at First Sight causing you real life anxiety? Meditate.
  2. Adult Swim, specifically the people responsible for the promos. The commercials are both enlightening and scary AF, but I dig it! Sidebar: If I’m lucky enough to have someone from AS read this, the streets want new episodes of Black Jesus. The streets = Me and my dog.
  3. Animals on HBO. Cross dressing pigeons, cat gangs, tripping moths, drugged lab mice in love with a clump of dirt cage liter. You just have to see it for yourself.

With all the terrible shit (sorry, I couldn’t find a better word) going on the in the world I’m skipping the “Thumbs Down” on this post.  I’ll air my grievances another day.

Cheers y’all!

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Waiting in my inbox was the same email I’ve received every May for the past 5 years. “Domain is about to expire”. This year was the first time it hit me, “Damn, I have a website I don’t even use”. To be honest with you I wasn’t motivated to write and I was stuck on what my next “beer goal” should be. I finished 300 different beer before 30 with my liver still in tact. Now what?  At first I was going to set a new goal and continue to keep count, but writing about the same “citrus notes IPA spill” got boring. Stuck,unmotivated, and busy with work and other ventures ( Hey L.I.C.!) I thought about letting the website go. But I couldn’t just roll over and let that happen. With the help of my boyfriend (Hey Bear!) I came up with a new angle for Beer Laugh Love. Staring this month I will launch Phase 2 of Beer Laugh Love.  I will be focusing more on beer adventures around the Southeast and eventually around the country. What does that mean?  Breweries, specialty beer stores/sections, events, and all other fun things beer related. I’ll still keep track of my beer number (I’m at 386 by the way. Thanks Untappd!) and give the thumbs rating. What’s going to make this different from the thousands of blogs that are already out there? Well nothing, other than the fact that I wrote it and I’m funny AF most of the time.  Hopefully I’ll drink some good beers, see some cool places, and you get some entertainment along the way. Happy reading!


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Late as usual… Tah Dah!

I figure it was time for me to get of my fat patty and finally pump out my first post of 2012.  As usual, I’ve been drinking (responsibly) way more than I’ve been writing, so I’m extremely behind (like thats a surprise). Anywho… Lets get to it!

The Place: Ormsby’s- Atlanta, Ga
The Peeps: Bear, CB & J, and other party goers
The Beers: Monday Night Drafty Kilt (ABV 7.2%) and St. Bernabous Abt 12 (ABV 10%)

#145 Monday Night Drafty Kilt (ABV7.2%)
I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a Monday Night beer for a minute.  I couldn’t ask for a better first beer of 2012.  It has a wonderful taste of roasted malts, dark fruits, and a hint of caramel and brown sugar.  Awesomeness in a glass!  Fist pump for local brews!  Thumbs up!

#146 St. Bernardus Abt 12 (ABV 10%)
Didn’t know what to get for the second round, so I went for whatever was available with a cool name and the highest alcohol content (I like more bang for my buck). Fruity, slighty sweet, hints of spice, and the hops gave it some bite at the end. In a nutshell it was decent.  Thumbs up.

The Place: Beer Fest International Beer House- New Orleans, LA
The Peeps: Bear, The Mess, and Bobby
The Beers: Voodoo Bengal (ABV 5.50%)  and Hopitoulas IPA (ABV 6.0%)

Back in the Nola for the BCS National Championship to cheer on The Tide (Ahem… who whooped LSU’s a**, btw). I only had two requests for this 24 hours rendezvous. 1. Char-grilled Oysters from Drago’s. 2. Visit to Beer Fest International Beer House.  We had an amazing time and Bear snapped an awesome pic of Nick Saban on the team bus while I ran through the crowd trying to find the nearest bathroom to potty.

#147 Tin Roof Brewing Voodoo Bengal (ABV 5.50%)
Not gonna lie. I don’t remember anything about this beer. I was so caught up in the excitement I didn’t even take a pic (which usually jogs my memory). My bad…

#148 NOLA Brewing Company Hopitoulas IPA (ABV 6.0%)
Hops and citrus is all I remember about this one, which is usually a given with IPA. Per Beer Advocate its combined with 6 malts and 6 hops with an additional dry hopping for 3 weeks and it takes a month to make each batch. Fancy huh? Thumbs up! The pic is missing in action.

The Place: Brick Store Pub- Decatur, GA
The Peep: CB
The Beers: Bell’s Brewery Inc. Hopslam (ABV 10%), Founders Brewing Company Double Trouble (ABV 9.4%), Brasserie de Silly LaDevine (ABV 9.5%)

#149 Bell’s Brewery Inc. Hopslam (ABV 10%)
For a few weeks most of the beer peeps I follow on Twitter (@BeerLaughLove, btw) were losing their minds about the release of Hopslam, so I had to see what the fuss was about.  First off, the aroma of hops and grapefruit was amazing.  This beer definitely lives up to its name.  At first all I could taste was hops, hops, grapefruit and hops, but as I drank more of it I could taste hints of caramel, which toned down the bitterness from the hops.  Not going to lie.  My expectation for this beer were way to high, but I did like it.  Thumbs Up!

#150 Founders Brewing Company Double Trouble (ABV 9.4%)
This was the bartender recommended for Round 2.  It has an awesome balance of citrus fruits, grapefruits (I know it’s a citrus fruit, but it stood out), and hops with hints of floral and the malts give a sweet finish at the end. I’m probably going to get punched in the face, but I liked Double Trouble a more than I liked Hopslam.  Thumbs Up.

#151 Brasserie de Silly LaDevine (ABV 9.5%)
We switched over from IPAs to a Tripel.  I think we picked this solely off the name and the ABV (that how we roll).  It was fruity and sweet with hints of spice (like nutmeg). It was a good ending to our Sunday Funday. Thumbs up! Sorry folks, no pic.

I’ve lived in Atl for two years and this was my first trip to BrickStore Pub.  Clearly I’ve been sleeping under a rock.  It was everything CB said it would be (she’s a regular) and more. Good food, good beer, nice people.  I can’t wait to go back!

The Place: Cheeseburger in Paradise
The Peeps: Bear and friends
The Beer: #152 Kona Brewing Company Fire Rock Pale Ale (ABV 5.9%)

I straggled along with Bear for one of his work functions.  Wasn’t hungry or in the mood to drink, but since he was buying what the heck.  In true Kit fashion, I ordered a beer with cool name (Well, the coolest name I could find on that menu anyway).  Interesting blend of grassy hops and tangy citrus taste.  I wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t amazing.  I gave to the mid side thumb, because it paired well with my fried pickles.

S/O and High Fives
I’ve been so lazy with putting up my post that all my the good s/o and high fives are super late, but (word)

  1. 2012 BCS National Champions The University of Alabama Crimson Tide.  It was the perfect start to my 2012. ROLL TIDE!
  2. This year’s NCAA Tourney!  My bracket is in shambles as usual, but I’m loving every minute of March Madness.
  3. Dope Wars game on Android. Who knew pretending to sell drugs could be as addictive at now as it was in 10th grade.

Thumbs downs and WTFs

  1. People who write in all caps on Facebook.  Are you yelling at us? Do you not know how to take disable cap lock? I don’t understand.
  2. The phrase “You aint about this/that life”. I wish it would go away, along with “That’s what’s up” and “It is what it is”.

Side Note: apparently while I was in The N.O. I added another beer to the list, but didn’t document it in my phone.  I gave it a thumbs up, so I guess it was good. Still trying to decide if I should add “Mystery Beer” to the list.

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I wish it was Sunday cause thats my fun day…

This is a random assortment of some summer beer adventures I’ve been too lazy to write.  Please excuse the number jump around, but there’s a reason behind this master plan.  Wooohooohaahaahaahaaaaa (rubs hands together like Mr. Burns)!

The Place: Taco Mac- Kennesaw, GA

The Peep: Phonso

The Beers: #116 Stone IPA (ABV 6.9%)

                     #125 Southern Tier Unearthly (ABV 11.5%)

                    #126 Coney Island Luna Lager (ABV 6%)

#116 Stone IPA (ABV 6.9%)

I can’t remember what I ordered first, but they were out of it so the waitress suggested this instead (Actually Phonso picked it first, but that’s a story for another time).  I wasn’t really in a IPA mood, but it was decent.  Nothing special, but it hit the spot with my chicken tenders.  Slight thumbs up.

#125 Southern Tier Unearthly (ABV 11.5%)

One freaking word… CRAZY!  Imagine this… You’re in the club and you meet in to a cute guy/girls/whatever you like.  You’re drinking, dancing, having fun with the person.  This night can’t get any better, right?  WRONG!  You glance to the back of the club and there is the “finest thang” you’ve ever seen in your life!  I’m talking “pinch myself, I dreaming” fine.  Then they walk over to you, you fall in love, and get married… THAT NIGHT!  Thats how this beer was for me.  When it first hits the tounge I tasted caramel, sweet fruits and malts, but as I was swallowing the hops came in the complete the flavor.  This is definitely in the running for my best beer of 2011.  Heaven in a glass! Elevated Thumb up!

Notice the shadow from the elevated thumb up!

#126 Coney Island Luna Lager (ABV 6%)

Nothing fancy. Typical lager (from what I’ve tasted).  Probably not a good idea to try a new beer immediately after I just had magic in a cup. Medium side thumb.

Taco Mac never disappoints with the beer menu, although I’m a little annoyed that the one in Kennesaw has to take out-of-state license to some secret back room or you have to leave on the table to be checked by a manager.  I came here for beer and SportsCenter, not to be investigated.

The Place: The apt

The Peep: Phonso

The Beer: #117 Mikkeller 10 American Style IPA (ABV 6.9%)

              #121 Mikkeller Barrell-Aged Black Hole (ABV 9.4%)

Phonso bought these over from  Sherlock’s (with Tyler’s recommendation, of course).  Supposedly, these beers hadn’t even hit the shelves yet and Tyler hooked it up (woot woot)! 

#117 Mikkeller 10 American Style IPA (ABV 6.9%)

First off, super cool bottle.  I could smell citrus and other fruits while I was pouring.  Very attractive creamy foam head.  Nice balanced taste of hops, orange, grapefruit, and some sweet fruits.  The taste lingers for a while, but not in a nasty cheap beer kind of way.  It was strong and wonderful!  Thumbs up!

#121 Mikkeller Barrell-Aged Black Hole (ABV 9.4%)

This was my birthday beer!  It was brewed with coffee, honey and vanilla and aged in a cognac barrel. Scary dark pour, which is usual for a stout.  Very boozy!  Heavy alcohol taste (prob from the cognac), but I liked it.  Hint of the coffee and vanilla came through, but it was no match for the Yak (that’s slang for cognac for my uncultured people).  Thumbs up!

The Place: Ormsby’s- Atlanta, Ga

The Peeps: Phons, J., and some nameless friends

The Beer: # 118 Wild Heaven Ode To Mercy (ABV 8.2%)

Random Sunday Funday night trip!  I think I’ve had this beer before, but it was after a trip to Sweet Water, so I didn’t remember much about it.  Fantastical (if thats a word)!  Bold flavors of coffee and malts with a creamy finish.  I usually am not a fan of the darkies, but this one great.  Thumbs up!  It was fiesta in my mouth!

The Place: Benihana- Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Phonso, Turtle, and the other people sitting at the hibachi grill

The Beer: # 122 Asahi (ABV 5.0%)

I decided on Benihana for my birthday dinner.  I know I could’ve picked some place better, but I wasn’t in the mood to be fancy.  Phonso just had to tell our waitress it was my birthday, so of course they made me wear one of those silly a** balloon hats during dinner.  A lady at our grill wanted buy me b-day drink, so I got the only beer on menu that I haven’t tried.  Asahi is Japan’s #1 beer.  Not bad.  It was dry and tastes like that flavor I can’t put my finger on.  Thumbs up for being free and not so bad. 

The Place: 5 Seasons- Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Phons and Toyo

The Beer: #123 5 Seasons Stepchild Saison

Recommendation from the bartender/waiter that wouldn’t holla at Jen last time I was here. Wonderful summer beer!  It is light, spicy, and hints of fruit flavors here and there. Thumbs up!  5 Seasons never disappoints. 

The Beer #124 Terrapin Brewery Hopsecutioner

Above average American IPA.  Citrus hops and malt with an earthy taste and little tastes of caramel hidden in there.  Thumbs up!

Shout out and High Fives

  1. To the only girl who could motivate me to do right when I knew it was wrong, taught my the fine art of double washing whites and towels, and practically dressed me for every party of freshman year.  And to the guy that rescued me from the side of the road twice in the same summer and let me hoard his television when I didn’t have cable senior year.  Congrats to Jess and Bobby on their marriage!  I hope your life together is like those live a** parties at Buffalo’s back in the day, but better.
  2. To all the breweries that made my summer beer adventures possible.
  3. To Mumford and Sons for “The Cave”!  Love that jam!
  4. To Pauline Nordin the creator of The Butt Bible.  This is handouts down the funniest trainer on earth.  I had to stop and laugh several times during the work out.  I hope to get past week one, but I keep getting side tracked with my laziness.

Well kiddies, I hope everyone had a good summer.  You still got a few weeks left to get in some summer loving.  For the rest of the year my weekend will be jammed packed with ALABAMA FOOTBALL and praying for those who’s weekend aren’t.  Play, be safe, support your local everything and ROLL TIDE!

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My Old Kentucky Home

I took my talents to Lexington, KY for Fourth of July weekend to visit my peeps.  Every time I come back to visit I always have a medical mishap (i.e. passing out for no reason what so ever), so I was scared of what might happen this time around.  Despite the abort mission with a certain bacon flavored beverage, it was good times as usual.

The Place: Malone’s Steakhouse Lexington, KY

The Peeps: Jen R., Jacob R., Tina R., Jordan, Brandon, with special guest Logan F.

The Beer:# 103 Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (ABV 8.19%)

This is the first KY beer added to the list (fist is air)!  The beer has a bold bourbon flavor, but not so much that it was over powering.  Bourbon and malts was pretty much all I tasted.  Thumbs up! 

Malone’s was amazing as always.  It’s hands down one of my favorite restaurants.

The Place: Marikka’s Lexington, KY

The Peeps: Jen R., JordanW., Brandon W.

The Beers: # 104 Kalnapilis Litholania Lager Beer (ABV 5.0%)

                     # 105 Saku Rock Star (ABV 5.3%)

                     # 106 Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen Bamberg (ABV 5.2%)

I’m not going to lie, from the outside Marikka’s does not look “ethnic friendly” if you know what I mean. The bouncer assured me that I wouldn’t get lynched.  Apparently he was right… or maybe I’m typing from the grave.

#104 Kalnapilis Lager Beer (ABV 5.0%)

I was scared and surprised when it came out in the huge 16 oz  instead the typical 8 ouncer.  Crisp flavor of hops and light citrus with a little tangy after taste.  It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great, but it was much better than I expected to be.  Slight Side Thumb. 

#105 Saku Rock Star (ABV 5.3%)

It tastes like something, but I don’t know what.  Side thumb for being drinkable.  Side Note: This will go down in history as one of the worst beer descriptions ever. Fingers crossed for an award!

#106 Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen Bamberg (ABV 5.2%)

This was my first (and probably the last) smoked beer.  I didn’t know they existed until I tried this one.  It was like drinking a BLT.  Seriously, it was like someone brewed bread, bacon, lettuce and tomato and bottle it.  Interesting first couple of sips, but it started to taste gross after drinking for a while.  I was quick to give this a side thumb based off the first  sips, because of the unique flavor.  If I would have waited a little while longer  I would have given it a thumb down.  I had to push the eject button when I got back to Jen’s that night.

Marikka’s was interesting to say the least.  The beer selection was out of control!  There was a volleyball court in the back and they played a assortment of Wu-Tang songs.


Volleyball action!

High Fives and Shouts Outs

  1. The random guy we met wearing a “Vote for Ron Paul” t-shirt and glasses with yellow lenses.  His only purpose for voting for Ron Paul is because he wants to legalize weed.
  2. Logan for doing push-ups at Malone’s after we had to bribe him with money.

Thumbs Downs and WTFs

  1. To the people at Marikka’s that bought Bud Lights. There were a gajillion of beers to chose from and you chose that? C’mon son!
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Big reunions in little cups

The Place: Peters Street, Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Turtle and Stone

The Beer: #102 Carling Canada Black Lable (ABV 5.0%)

My friends from high school were in town for a fellow Chattanoogan’s party.  We hung out with old acquaintances, made too many new ones, and were completely over dressed while we did it.  Despite two shoe changes and an incident with 4 Locos, we managed to have a good time.

#102 Carling Canada Black

The beer choices were limited at the party so it was either this or PBR.  Even though the can was kind of scary the beer wasn’t that bad.  There wasn’t anything that stood out about it.  It has the same crispy, fizzy, slightly metallic after taste of most “lower class” beers.  I gave it a thumbs up, because I was in party mode and it wasn’t awful, but in real life I probably would have given this beer a slight side thumb on the lower end of down.

The paper napkin makes it classy.

High Fives and Shout Outs

1.  To me and 100 other people who participated in Michael Jackson flashmob on Saturday at Atlantic Station.  I was a little sad that it wasn’t more of a surprise, but it was still fun! (I’m in the back wearing bright red shoes… Those are Toms by the way :0))

2.  My old school ND girls!  We haven’t all hung out (peacefully) since good knows when!  It was too much fun (Yes, there is such a thing as too much fun).  Special shout out to Stone, my new beer partner! 

SHOE CHANGE!  Shout out to Julie for being too fancy to change her shoes :0)


3.  Gilles!  I’ve heard about him (per J. Nguyen facebook statuses), but it was my first time seeing him perform that night.  It’s refreshing to hear good music again.

4.  The parking attendant that let us park for free at Hole in the Wall.  I don’t know what was said to convince you to be so nice and probably don’t want to know, but I appreciate it.

5.  The art gallery on Peters Street for having those bombs a #% mini poppy seed muffins.

Thumbs downs and WTFs

1.  4 Locos… Nothing more to say about that.

2.  My stomach for being the organ’s equivalent of a gold digger.  Cheap=Rejection!

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Mid-week German Party

The Place: Der Biergarten Atlanta, GA   

The Peep: The Coupon Queen

The Beer:  #100 Konig Ludwig Hefeweizen (ABV 5.50%)

                    #101 Warsteiner Premium Dunkel (ABV 4.90%)

#100 Konig Ludwig Hefeweizen (ABV 4.90%)

Our waiter was nice enough to let us have a little beer sample party since we were both unsure about what we wanted.  All the beers where good, but I decided to go with the Hefe.  It has a nice cloudy golden color and has a crisp taste of banana and clove.  I could taste other fruity flavors, but the banana was more distinct.  Thumbs up for the beer and the sample party!

#101 Warsteiner Premium Dunkel (ABV 5.50%)

It was a scary dark brown color with a white head.  This beer has an extremely strong, bitter taste of apple, but in a good way.  The menu said there was a hint of caramel.  I must have missed that part and went straight to the apple.  Thumbs up! I liked the weirdness.

Der Biergarten is the first German restaurant I’ve ever been to and probably the last.  I couldn’t find an entrée on the menu that I would pay money for, but the Reuben Roll appetizer was amazing!  I will definitely go back for the beer, not so much for the food. 

High Fives and Shout Outs

  1. The Coupon Queen for having a 50% off coupon for De Biergarten.  Got an appetizer and two beers for $10! Woot Woot!
  2. The makers of Chobani greek yogurt. Marry me.

Thumbs Downs and WTFs

  1. Ace Hood for saying “I’m the Derek Jeter of Hip Hop” or something of that nature in a verse of “Hustle Hard”.  I get the point he’s trying to make, but when I hear that verse all I can think about is how Jeter is on the DL (that’s Disabled List for you known baseball lovers).  I bet someone has already janked him about that. 
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>Where you been, son?


Man… Has it been a long time or what? I know it is super late, but I hope everyone is having a excellent start to the new year! Between studying for the GRE and writing grad school essays I hardly had anytime to blog. Ok… I’m gonna lie…I just didn’t feel like blogging after all that mess, so I took a small hiatus. Now I’m so far behind on sharing my adventures I’m going to be typing like a mad woman!  Even though I haven’t posted anything in a while, I definitely kept the tour going.  So without further delay I present to you… (dun dun dun) the beers of 2011!
#54 Delirium Tremens (ABV 8.5%?)
I have heard nothing but good things about this beer, so I was excited to try it.  First off… Super scared of the bottle. I have no idea why, but it made me feel dirty.  Like I was doing something wrong.  Once I got passed the feeling dirty part, it was all good. It’s golden, kind of frothy.  I’m pretty sure there was some kind of funk coming from the bottle, but I chose to ignore it. Also, there were chunks of stuff at the bottom. I’m no beer expert so I don’t know what that was about.  In all, I give a thumbs up.  I didn’t go crazy like some people claim to do, but it would have made for a nice adventure.
#55 Reunion 08 (ABV 6.50%)
I chose this beer because it was organic and the profits go to Multiple Myeloma and bone cancer research.  I was having a “do-gooder” moment and felt like I was doing my part to help someone.  As I mentioned before, the beer is organic (my 1st organic beer, btw).  It is made from caraway seeds (never heard of it).  I’m not gonna lie, When I started pouring it I was scared to death!  It was thick and reminded me of old soda for some reason.  It wasn’t awful, but it certainly was NOT amazing. Can’t really describe the taste, but it’s not one I could get use to.  I give it a side thumb for the cause.  Sorry about the pic… I couldn’t turn to pic around.
#56 Sierra Nevada Hoptimum (ABV 10.4%)
Let’s start from the beginning with this one… I go to my local place for my new beer adventure and to pick up some stuff for a girls night with friends.  The clerk is going crazy about these limited release beers and how it is soooooo amazing.  I resisted the urge to buy some, but I by the time I got to the car I already changed my mind.  So I made a u-turn back into the store and the clerk is giving a history listen to a customer about the fabulous beers.  I was in and out off listening because, I was much more interested in which beer had the coolest bottle.  At the end of it all, I spent over $20 on two beers.  If you know me for real, you know that I’m will probably think about that $20 until the year is over.  Anyway- Sierra Nevada Hoptimum was one of my picks.  CRAZY HOPS! Almost out of control (in a good way).  Crisp, slightly bitter.  Very good beer for the more experienced beer drinker.  Would not promote this for the beginners.  Thumbs ups!!!! Especially for the ABV.  I made myself finish the bottle, because I didn’t want to go to waste.  I recommend sharing it with a friend (or a stranger).  Shout out to Sherlock’s clerk guy for the selection.
#57 The Lost Abbey Judgment Day (ABV 10.5%)
The slogan for The Lost Abbey is Inspired Beer for Saints and Sinnners Alike (fancy and scary). This was another limited release pick.  The clerk made it seem like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy, so I went for it.  It’s a Dark Quad (Google it) Belgium Ale brewed with raisins.  I had to use a wine opener thingy to get the cork out of the beer (wish I had a video of that).  I was semi afraid to drink it… It’s not every day you drink a beer with a picture of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse on it.  Despite the fear of Jesus coming back at that very moment, it was pretty good.  I could really taste the raisins (still not sure how I feel about that).  I give it a thumbs up.
High Five to everyone and their dream/ goals for 2011! I have feeling that this going to be a year of major changes.  The only person that promotes my recklessness is getting married (tear), the kid’s dad is (finally) finishing school, and I’m on a downward spiral to 30.  It’s geting real out there!  Hopefully, I can provide you with a lot of laughs this year.  I promise to do a better job with cranking out the posts. Cheers!
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