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Waiting in my inbox was the same email I’ve received every May for the past 5 years. “Domain is about to expire”. This year was the first time it hit me, “Damn, I have a website I don’t even use”. To be honest with you I wasn’t motivated to write and I was stuck on what my next “beer goal” should be. I finished 300 different beer before 30 with my liver still in tact. Now what?  At first I was going to set a new goal and continue to keep count, but writing about the same “citrus notes IPA spill” got boring. Stuck,unmotivated, and busy with work and other ventures ( Hey L.I.C.!) I thought about letting the website go. But I couldn’t just roll over and let that happen. With the help of my boyfriend (Hey Bear!) I came up with a new angle for Beer Laugh Love. Staring this month I will launch Phase 2 of Beer Laugh Love.  I will be focusing more on beer adventures around the Southeast and eventually around the country. What does that mean?  Breweries, specialty beer stores/sections, events, and all other fun things beer related. I’ll still keep track of my beer number (I’m at 386 by the way. Thanks Untappd!) and give the thumbs rating. What’s going to make this different from the thousands of blogs that are already out there? Well nothing, other than the fact that I wrote it and I’m funny AF most of the time.  Hopefully I’ll drink some good beers, see some cool places, and you get some entertainment along the way. Happy reading!


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Mid-week German Party

The Place: Der Biergarten Atlanta, GA   

The Peep: The Coupon Queen

The Beer:  #100 Konig Ludwig Hefeweizen (ABV 5.50%)

                    #101 Warsteiner Premium Dunkel (ABV 4.90%)

#100 Konig Ludwig Hefeweizen (ABV 4.90%)

Our waiter was nice enough to let us have a little beer sample party since we were both unsure about what we wanted.  All the beers where good, but I decided to go with the Hefe.  It has a nice cloudy golden color and has a crisp taste of banana and clove.  I could taste other fruity flavors, but the banana was more distinct.  Thumbs up for the beer and the sample party!

#101 Warsteiner Premium Dunkel (ABV 5.50%)

It was a scary dark brown color with a white head.  This beer has an extremely strong, bitter taste of apple, but in a good way.  The menu said there was a hint of caramel.  I must have missed that part and went straight to the apple.  Thumbs up! I liked the weirdness.

Der Biergarten is the first German restaurant I’ve ever been to and probably the last.  I couldn’t find an entrée on the menu that I would pay money for, but the Reuben Roll appetizer was amazing!  I will definitely go back for the beer, not so much for the food. 

High Fives and Shout Outs

  1. The Coupon Queen for having a 50% off coupon for De Biergarten.  Got an appetizer and two beers for $10! Woot Woot!
  2. The makers of Chobani greek yogurt. Marry me.

Thumbs Downs and WTFs

  1. Ace Hood for saying “I’m the Derek Jeter of Hip Hop” or something of that nature in a verse of “Hustle Hard”.  I get the point he’s trying to make, but when I hear that verse all I can think about is how Jeter is on the DL (that’s Disabled List for you known baseball lovers).  I bet someone has already janked him about that. 
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Another Tennessee Saturday Night

Remember in my last post when I said I was caught up with all my posts? I lied! I forgot about a beer and have added 3 more to the list.  Maybe I’m moving too fast? NEVER!  Anyway… I drove up to Chatt to support the Glamourlyke kids at Riverbend, see the Beach Boys and try some local beer.  Only one of the three turned out well…

 The Place: Taco Mac, Downtown Chattanooga

The Peeps: Toya S., Tanayo(sp) T., Turtle W.

The Beer: #96 Big River Chatt Steamer (ABV 4.2%)

Umm… Where do I start?  I was very disappointed in my first Chatt beer.  It was a below average amber ale with a lot of carbonation.  I tasted more fizz from the carbonation than actual flavor.  I could taste faint flavors of hops and malt, but I could just be making that up.  Side Thumb.  You can do better Chatt! 

Now let me crank it up on Taco Mac real quick!  I didn’t think it was possible to have a WTF moment at a Taco Mac.  WRONG!  Since when is it ok for a waitress to leave someone else’s dirty dishes at your table to help another customer? Did I miss something? As a matter of fact, I think I’m stilling waiting for her to bring me a water.  I try to be a fair tipper, but ya girl got no love from our table that night.  On a better note, I found out from the Taco Mac menu that Star Hill The “Love” Wheat is a Hefeweizen made in Virginia.  Other than that nothing good came from that experience.

High Fives and Shout Outs

  1. Glamourlyke for doing putting on an awesome show at Riverbend.  If I would have paid to get in I would have gotten money’s worth.
  2. Whoever is responsible for Super Corndogs.  Marry me.
  3. My sweet cousin for giving up his Riverbend pin for the night.  You save me $25!

Blank Stares and WTFs

  1. The Beach Boys for not playing ANY of my jams while I was at Riverbend.  Would have killed you to play Surfing USA, Help Me Rhonda, or California Girls?  I’m thinking about boycotting the show at Cobb Energy Center in September.
  2.  Myself for messing up the beer count for a second time.  I’ve got to do better.
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“It’s broken! My arm is broken!”

My KY Snows, Jen and Jake (no relation) came down to Atlanta for a visit.  We had an awesome time, despite my car not having A/C in 95 degree weather (My bad, son).  Even though we melted to death and realized how old and tattered we all are, we still managed to have fun.  Awesome food, good beer, and a broken arm!  That’s just how we roll…

The Place: Red Brick Brewery, Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Jen R.

The Beers: #89 Dog Days Ale (ABV 5.7%)

                      #90 Laughing Skull (ABV 4.1%)

Red Brick was the first stop of the weekend, well actually Old Navy was the first stop, but we’ll get into that mishap later. 

#89 Dog Days Ale (ABV 5.7%)

I love Hefeweizens!  It has lovely golden yellow color and wonderful summer taste of citrus, wheat orange and hops.  This beer is perfect for a summer day, preferably poolside.  Nice job!  Thumbs up!

#90 Laughing Skull (ABV 4.1%)

Nice  runner-up for the day.  Nice amber color with a sweet and malty taste.  I have wanted to try it for while, so I was glad to finally add it to the list.  Thumbs up!

This was my second time at Red Brick.  Not as big of a crowd as the first time, but it was decent.

The Place: 5 Seasons, Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA

The Peep: Jen R.

The Beer: #91 Jay D Whiskey Imperial Porter (ABV ???)

DARK and SCARY at first sight, but very delicious!  It has wonderful taste of chocolate, caramel, and fruit.  It kind of taste like chocolate whiskey raisin juice.  The beer was aged in a Jack Daniel barrel for 7 months.   I probably should have picked something a little lighter to pair with my shrimp and grit cakes, but it still hit the spot.  Thumbs up!  Shout out to Waiter Will for the suggestion! 

I made it back to 5 Seasons to try out the food (and more beer of or course).  AMAZING!  My food was awesome, the service was great, and the beer only made it better.  I should slap myself for over looking this place for the last 1 and a half.  I’m in love.

The Place: Hand In Hand- Virginia Highlands, Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Jen R., Jake R.

The Beer: #92 He’ Brew Messiah Bold (ABV 5.6%)

I was reluctant to try the beer because of the name, but what the heck!  Drinking isn’t a sin and I love my Lord!  It was nice dark brown ale to start off  the day and I enjoyed the happy Jewish man on the label.  Nothing amazing, but it was enjoyable. Thumbs up!

Hand In Hand was cool.  My Ruben was delicious and The Snows enjoyed their food as well.  The restaurant has an interesting menu and nice outdoor seating.  This was my first time hanging in Virginia Highlands since I moved to Atlanta.  There are plenty of restaurants and shops in walking distance of homes and tons of food trucks!  It is my dream neighborhood!  

The Place: Sweetwater- Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Jen R., Jake R., Phonso A., Corey

The Beer:  #93 Sweetwater Road Trip (ABV ???)

Not sure if this is my first pilsner, so I didn’t know what to expect.  Crisp flavor with a dry finish.  I couldn’t pull out any distinct flavors at the time.  It was decent, but not amazing.  The after taste reminded me of High Life (blah).  Side Thumb.

I think I am pretty much over my Sweetwater.  It’s still a cool place to hang out, but I think going there at once or twice a month is getting exhausting.  The heavy crowd and the dehydrated dogs are starting to get old.  The DD cup is defiantly on deck from now on.  It won’t bother me as much if I get in for free.

I want to take this time to apologize to Elizabeth (Jen as I like to call her) and Jake for the murder by heat I pulled on them that weekend.  I hope this doesn’t deter you from coming to visit ATL again.  If I had A/C during your visit, Jen wouldn’t have stuck her arm out the window and I wouldn’t have gotten too close to the bushes and butchered her wrist on the branches nor would her spray tan have melted of her body on the way the way to Red Brick.  I’m sorry that you had to buy a new shirt, Jen.  Steven has A/C again (Thanks to Phons) and now I can go from heat stroke to winter storm in a matter of minutes.  When I visit KY feel free to force me to do outside activities as pay back.


  1. King of Pops!  I finally found you after searching for 6 mos.  I must have not been looking too hard, because after I bought my popsicle I saw like two more stands on my way home.
  2. The parents that bring their babies and kids to the bar and beer tasting.  This has inspired my series of Quick Post titled “Baby at the Bar”.  I hope it’s as funny as everyone else as it is to me.  Sidenote:  This is not meant to be controversial, just good humor.
  3. Kateshrewsday for the “Like” on my last post.  A lot of people… well not a lot, but a good number of people read my post daily, but you were the first to actually move your mouse to “Like” button.  Thanks!  The rest of you should follow her lead.I

I’m going to leave you with a few pics that I thought were pretty fun from our weekend. Enjoy!

"Better out than in, I always say."- Shrek

For real son?Saw this in Va Hi. No further explanation needed. LOL!

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The best rats are from Chatt.

I took a day adventure to my hometown Chattanooga, TN with Phonso for my cousins’ high school graduation.   We went downtown for what was suppose to be a light snack, but it turned into a pig out.

Place: Lupi’s, Downtown Chattanooga, TN
Peep: Phons A.
Beer: #81 Xingu Black Beer (ABV 4.7%)

I originally asked for Tuskers (recommendation from Dewayne Hill), but they were out so cashier suggested Xingu (shin-goo).  I was game for whatever and for some reason I trusted this girl’s judgment.  I didn’t know what to expect from a black beer.  When I poured it my first thought was “Ah hell…”  The beer is literally black!  This can’t go well, right? WRONG, SON! WTH! OMG! STFU! WHYBAML!  AMAZING!  It might be up against Ommengang Hennepin for my best beer of 2011.  Xingu is smooth and has bold flavor of chocolate, caramel, and toffee.  Kind of disappointed with the hops, but I enjoyed it anyway.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to drink beer, but can’t handle to hoppy taste. THUMBS UP!  I did some research on Xingu Black Beer for the post and found out some interesting facts.  It is named after the Xingu River in the Amazon and the supports Y Ikatu Xingu project which protects the Amazon and Xingu River. Another good deed beer for me (pat on the back)!

Notice the lame in the background with the water. j/k... Not really.

Lupi’s was cool! It’s been in Chatt for a while, but it was my first time there.  It has a “I bicycle or walk everywhere/artsy/hippy/cool/Coldplay” kind of vibe.  The pizza is a little pricey for my liking, but I’m el cheapo so everything is pricey to me. Great beer selection!  While scanning over the beer menu a saw that Chatt has brewing company. WHAT?  Fist pump for Chatt, well for me anyway.  Definitely making a trip back to Lupi’s and Chattanooga Brewing Company next time I’m in Chatty.   After Lupi’s we made a stop at Chattanooga Cupcake for some deliciously overpriced cupcakes.  Well they were only $3, but I told you I’m cheap.  The red velvet was and Phons enjoyed his as well.  Surprisingly fun Chatt adventure! :0)


  1. My cousins Cardarius and TJ for graduating high school! I wish they would’ve followed in my footstep to the Bama, but I’m proud of them anyway.
  2. The Eita’s for training for the GO 5K in September (if we don’t talk each other out of it).  
  3. My new obsession with Food Trucks!  I’m trying to convince my friend Jen to quit her job and move to ATL so we can operate one together. 
  4. My mom for not freaking out and accuse me of having a drinking problem when I told her what my blog is really about.

**Free beer or water to whoever can tell me what WHYBAML means**

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“I was on 1-2-5 and St. Nick.”

NEW YORK CITY!  The first stop on the Spring 2011 tour.  Believe it or not, beer was not the first priority on this trip.  My mission was to find street rats!  I felt like it wouldn’t be a complete New York City experience if I didn’t see a few little rodents.  Luckily, I saw a couple of them playing in the subway.  Anywho… The food was amazing and the people were interesting.  I didn’t go crazy on the beers , but I got some good picks and a “wtf”  added to the list.

The Place: Slate. NYC

The Peeps: Toya S., Tiffany S

The Beers:  #77 Chimay Bleue (ABV 9%)

I am always a fan of Belgian style beers.  Chimay has a fruity and tart taste with a dry finish.  I tried to look up some info on the brewery’s website, but it was in German. :0(  Thumbs up, anyway!   Slate is a cool bar and restaurant on West 21st Street in NYC.  Guests have the option to eat, play games, or watch the game while having a few drinks.


The Place: Campo, NYC

The Peeps: Toya S., Tiffany S.

The Beers:  #78 Snapperhead IPA (ABV 6.80%) and #79 Goose Island Honker’s Ale (ABV 4.2%)

#78 Snapperhead IPA (ABV 6.80%)

I’m a sucker for cool names, so when I saw the beer names like Snapperhead and Porkslap it was all good.  The bartender suggested Snapperhead over Porkslap,  so I went with her recommendation.  The can was cool, but I was a little scared when I saw it.  I don’t think anything good can come from a bright yellow can with a fish wearing headphones.  Too my surprise, it wasn’t bad.  It’s a decent IPA. Small hints of citrus flavor, but it didn’t go hard on the hops like I expected.  My best friend Toya, said it was woodsy and gave her a splinter (Don’t ask).  Slight side thumb.  It was good, but it could have been better.

#79 Goose Island Honker’s Ale (ABV 4.2%)

I am all about some Goose Island!  The bartender at Campo suggested it for Round 2.  It has a smell of fruity hops.  Nice taste with a crisp finish.  Goose Island is never disappointing! Thumbs up!

Campo is located on Broadway near Columbia University.  It’s a cozy restaurant with a decent bar.  The bartender was great.  I can’t remember her name, but Toya made sure she took a pic with her before we left.  Didn’t taste the food, but  it looked good.  I highly suggest stopping by if you’re in the area.


The Place: Havana Central, NYC

The Peep: Toya S.

The Beer: #80 Havana Central Ale

When I asked the bartender for his opinion on the Havana Central Ale, he gave me a look and said her never tried it.  I should have taken this as a warning, but I went it anyway.  It can’t be that bad, right? WRONG!  I’ll break it down for you in six words:  stale Bud Lite in sheep’s clothing.  What the F#%k (Sorry Mom)!   It was nasty, stale, dull and did I mention nasty.  I got almost half way through and couldn’t finish it.   I should have saved it in a to go cup, taken a cab Havana Central Headquarters, and thrown  it in the person’s face who thought it would be a good idea to sell it to the public.  Then I should have slapped myself for spending my hard-earned money on that garbage.  I give it the dead thumb.  I wanted no part of my thumb to be even slightly elevated.  Pretty sure that’s the beer they serve in Hell. 

Havana Central was ok.  The guacamole and plantains were decent.  That’s all I have to say about it.  That disgusting beer ruined the experience for me.


  1.  The ladies that sell mango in Union Square.  Forget those fancy restaurants!  I’ll take a slice mango with paprika and lemon juice any day!
  2. The street food vendors.  Marry me.
  3. Tiffany for letting us crash at your humble abode and showing us the New York City Life.
  4. Toya for inviting me on this whirlwind of a trip and always trying to give beer a chance even though it’s not working out for you.


Side Note: I upped the ante to 300 beers instead of 204.  I got a thing about numbers.  Thanks again for reading this madness!  You keep reading and I’ll keep cranking out the hits.  Cheers!

Whenever I go on an out-of-town adventure Lindsey Lohan gets into trouble. I know it's not beer related, but I think this pic is funny... Well not for Lindsey.

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>We in da NOLA BABY!!!!


I took a trip to The NO with my KY Snows, Jen and Katie for Katie’s Med School residence interviews.  The trip was filled with fun times and awesome food.  I also found a baby cockroach in my Hurricane, which officially started my revolt against the mixed drink. Team Beer Only!
The Place: New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood, New Orleans, LA
The Peeps: Jen R., Dr. Katie A.
The Beer: #63 Nola Blonde (ABV 4.90%)
The Nola Blonde is the typical blonde and it paired well with my shrimp boy. Jen had the Nola Brown and gave it the ok side thumb.  Katie had to skip out on the first night beverages, because her interview was the next morning.  New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood is cool little restaurant chain in New Orleans and a couple of surrounding cities.  The food was good and I loved that the menu gives suggestions for beers and meal pairing.  I will not speak on the restaurant service is a story for another blog.
The Place: Crescent City Brewhouse; French Quarter, NOLA
The Peeps: KY Snows
The Beer: #64 Red Stallion (ABV 5.80%)
Pretty good! Red Stallion was hoppy, medium body, full flavor. Thumbs up!  Crescent city was cool little bar in the French Quarter.  It was decorated with cool signs and had a laid back vibe.  All brewing is completed here and no chemicals are used in the process.  The only down side to this place is that they wouldn’t let Katie bring in her other beverage.  I guess they got to draw the line somewhere. Anyway… Good Job Crescent City!
The Place: International House of Beer, Bourbon Street, NOLA
The Peeps: KY Snows
The Beers: #65 Abita Ale Andygator (ABV 8%),
                      #66 Abita Amber (ABV 4.5%) 
                     # 67 Abita Strawberry (ABV 4.2%)
I think a tear came to my eye when I spotted this place. There are two locations on Bourbon Street and who cares about the other locations.  The bar was the typical Bourbon Street hole-in-the- wall with great prices.  Ladies get a free beer if they take off their bras.  We planned to buy some el chepo bras from the Wal-Green to bring in for a freebie, but we forgot.   If you’re ever on Bourbon Street I highly recommended it!


#65 Abita Ale Andygator (ABV 8.0%)
Since I was in Louisiana it was only right to get as many Abita’s as possible.  Per Bartender, the Andygator had the highest abv of all the beers on tap. He told me it’s 11%, but I found out later that it’s really 8%.  Since I had a double serving I forgive him for lying.  It was a good beer! Nice flavor, kind of sweet.  Good beer for Bourbon Street cruising.
#66 Abita Ale Amber (ABV 4.5%)
The first beer offered by Abita Brewery and the leading seller.  Nice color with a smooth flavor. Yes, flavor can be smooth.  Not much to say about this one, except it is an all around good beer.  Good Job, Abita!  Thumbs up!
#67 Abita Strawberry Ale (ABV 4.2%)
Abita’s strawberry flavored ale (duh).  It’s a wheat ale made with real strawberries.   I liked it, but I didn’t love it.  Jen was enjoying it until she found some mystery cigarette ash in her cup.  I recommend this to the people that want to drink beer, but can get past the taste.  Thumbs up!
Got a couple of shout outs!
1.   To Katie for being super smart and letting me tag along with her and Jen for the adventure.  I’m a little sad you’re not moving to New Orleans, but I’ll get over it.  Get your gun license before you hit M-Town! 
2.   To the crazy man on Bourbon Street who jumped out of nowhere and did the Stanky Leg Sunday morning before we left. You are one classy guy!
3.   Commanders Palace for the amazing lunch, but they get a serious back hand for those 25 cent cocktails.  I can make kool-aid at home. 
On a serious note; Please continue to pray for all families that were affected by the tornado in April.  Seeing the damage of my sweet little T-Town brought a tear to my eye.  Volunteers and donations are needed.  Get off yo butt and help somebody!  ;0)

>Gump Town Adventure

>The Place: Alley Bar, Montgomery, AL
The Peep(s): Alphonso J. Special appearance by Team Purple Burger

The Beer:  #58 UFO White
Ok… So… I took a random trip to Montgomery, AL (Da, Gump, Da Land, or whatever you chose to call it) with Phons and special ride along guests Team Purple Bag (don’t ask).  Anywho… after a long day of being frightened by the natives and  playing with my 7 month old bff Ethan it was time to see what SAFE nightlife “Da Gump” had to offer.  Alley Bar was NOT a place that I would expect to see in Montgomery.  It has a cool atmosphere, good variety of beers and chill mixed crowd. Oh… and a SHOT ROOM!  There was live music by Raygun Administration.  HIGH FIVE to them for playing a darn good cover of Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”.  I started the night off with some repeat offenders, Purple Haze, Dos Equis, and Corona Extra Dry (Shout out the my UA kids!).   At the end of the night I tried my luck with UFO White.  Bad move.  It was a cross between orange Mop and Glow and Blue Moon.  The beer was very crisp and tangy.  It was kind of weird and just wasn’t my cup of tea.  Side thumb for the effort and not being terrible, but I doubt I will give it a second chance.  Sorry kids! No pic for this one. My apologies…
Shout out to Team Purple Bag and their mission to spread the word about brown liquor to age groups 18-24.  I also applaud their efforts to make functional drunkenness cool.  I wish them all nothing, but the best!  Oh… and a HIGH FIVE to Montgomery for always reminding me that Chatt isn’t that bad.


>The Place: Beer Trape, Lexington, KY
My Peep: Elizabeth R.
The Beer: Ayinger Brau Weisse (#46)
The description mentioned said it has a distinct banana aroma flavor and that it will impress every wheat beer connoisseur with the first mouthful. Sounds like a winner! I am not a wheat beer connoisseur, but this beer was pretty good. Full of flavor and fruity as promised. I would recommend it my girl friends that wants to try beer, but don’t want the “expected” taste.

I loved the Beer Trappe! It was my paradise! It was cozy and very friendly. You can buy beer from all over the world! From Banana Bread to (what may have been) 3 Amigos. Definitely a “go to” when I go back to Lex! I give the beer and the place a BIG THUMBS UP! So good I almost forgot to take the thumbs up pick…

O.A.N. Went out for a beer and dessert run with a friend tonight on my last full day in Chatt. I’m looking at the menu and… DUN DUN DUUUUUN… I’ve had every beer on the menu. Ugh! Sad day on the tour. I had to settle for old faithful Bud Light.  The beers (yeah, I had two) hit the domestic spot. Note to self: Don’t rely on Chili’s or any other commercial eatery to help me on my quest. See what I mean? Trying new beers isn’t alway ease.  Learn from my mistakes. Oh well… Other than this mishap and Bama losing to The Trailer Park Nation (Auburn) my Thanksgiving break has been alright, but I am soooo ready to go back to my own space…

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