The Other Brandon

In the outskirts of Downtown Tamps, tucked away in warehouse/office park is Tampa Beer Works. Inside the tiny tap room are a few tables, a decent sized bar, and college football playing on TV.  It was quiet, relaxed, and inviting, everything I like in a brewery.  After listening to the bartender’s recommendations (Hey Mike!) I start with the strongest IPA and […]

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That One Time In Tampa

Even though I’ve proven to be trash at keeping up with the blog monthly, with the help of Untappd (KitWill if you looking for a playa) I’ve been able to track beers over the past few months. While visiting the bf (Hey Bear!) in Tampa, FL it was only right that I also visit the home […]

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Waiting in my inbox was the same email I’ve received every May for the past 5 years. “Domain is about to expire”. This year was the first time it hit me, “Damn, I have a website I don’t even use”. To be honest with you I wasn’t motivated to write and I was stuck […]

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Brown Bear. Red Hare.

The Place: Red Hare Brewery, Marietta, GA The Peeps: Rianna, Gabby, and C.B. The Beers: #134 Chocolate Porter (ABV 8%), #135 Gangway IPA (ABV 6.2%), #136 Watership Brown (ABV 7.25), #137 Long Day Lager (ABV 5.2%) This was my first adventure to Red Hare Brewery in Marietta, GA.  I read good review about it, so I had […]

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I declare a Thumb War!

I took an after work adventure to 5 Seasons Brewery to sample some beers and sit with the Brewmaster Crawford Moran. Forgive my lack of description.  It was my first “sit down” with a Brewmaster, so I was free-baling it (Sorry mom).  #83 IPA (ABV 7%) Pretty good!  Hoppy, with small hints of citrus taste. Thumbs […]

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>Sweetwater: Round 2… BREAK!

> The Places: Sweetwater Brewer and Fellini’s Pizza, Atlanta, GA The Peep: Phons J. The Beers: #61 Sweetwater Happy Ending                  #62 Shiner Bock Phonso was super jealous that I took my first trip to Sweetwater with my Snows (shout to Jen and Christina), so I took him on his first brewery tasting adventure.  To my surprise […]

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