$6 Water: A Vegas Story

Once upon a time Ebony and Ivory thought it would be an awesome idea to venture across the country to Las Vegas for a Backstreet Boy concert… in July. Have you ever been to Vegas in July? Pre-heat your oven to 375°, turn up thermostat in your home to 85°, and change into your warmest sweats. Once the temperature is set have a seat in front of the open the oven door for a few hours. That’s Vegas in July. Despite the extreme weather and the aggressive Hoover Dam sales people on the Vegas Strip I managed to add a few more beers to my list.

Firestone Walker Union Jack IPA (ABV 7.5%) @ Park on FreemontIMG_0310


Flight @ Sin City Brewing Company

IPA, Weisse, Sour, Amber, Oktoberfest, Stout



In one the greatest teen dramedies of our time 10 Things I Hate About You, Chastity (played by the ageless queen Gabrielle Union) asked “I know you can be underwhelmed, and you can be overwhelmed, but can you ever just be like, whelmed?” The answer is yes, you can be just whelmed. The beer at Sin City isn’t good or bad… it’s just there.

Ellis Island IPA (ABV 5.8%) @ Ellis Island Casino and Brewery

The beer costing only $2.50 was a obvious warning sign that we chose to ignore. I never write with intent to diss any beer or brewery, but this is hands down the worst IPA I’ve ever drank in my life. I can usually power through a beer I don’t like, but I couldn’t stomach this one.  Instead of torturing myself I politely slid it over to the bf who will drink almost anything with alcohol. I don’t know if it was bad batch, if the draft line wasn’t clean, or if it’s always gross. So bad I didn’t even bother to take a pic.

To recover from the tragedy at Ellis Island we took a sad, 105° stroll over to Pub 365 for the beer redemption we deserved.  Great beer selection, good atmosphere, no Ellis Island IPA.

Firestone Walker Luponic Distortion (ABV 5.9%), Big Dog’s Underbite IPA (ABV 8.7%), Garage Project Death From Above (ABV 7.5%)
Moody Tounge Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Poter (ABV 7%)


According to Untappd I also drank Firestone Walker 805 Blonde at some point during the trip, but I forgot to take the pic.

Overall, Las Vegas was fun trip. We balled on a lavish buffet at Caesar’s, saw The Beetles’s Love at Mirage (I feel asleep for 15 mins, but it was still awesome), gambled just to drink free water, ate at the restaurant of Vin Diesel look alike ( YO CUZ!!), and VIP status at Taco Bell Cantina. Thinking back on the trip I didn’t have as many beers as I hoped, but it was just too damn hot to think about anything other than water.


High Fives and Shout outs

  1. Google for instructing a playa on how to make the degrees symbol. Alt + 248, btw.
  2. The state of Nevada for legalizing marijuana on the weekend of our visit. The live news feeds of people standing in line, the fireworks (yes, green fireworks went off at midnight), and the politician who claimed to be buying weed for his dog was everything I needed and more.
  3. The Backstreet Boys for putting on an awesome performance despite the 15 min intro medley and me wanting to cry from stomach pain throughout the show. (see WTF #3)


Thumbs Down and WTF’s

  1. The water situation in Las Vegas Strip. The tap water has a hint of dirt and chicken broth and the cost of bottle water ranges $4.50-$6. You might be balling or I might just be cheap, but that’s an insane amount of water for bottled water. The bf and I found 36oz of $1 at the ABC store on the LAST DAY.
  2. RIP to The Carmichael Show. Also on the list of shows that were taken too soon- Freaks and Geeks, How to Make it in America, and Dead Like Me.
  3. (In reference to S/o #3) The “stomach bug” that wiped us out the night of the BSB concert. I’m not sure if it was from dinner or the weird tasting water at the restaurants. Just know that BSB only got 65% of me that night.
  4. The lengths that people will go to uphold evil and injustice in America against minorities. It’s disgusting.


Cheers Y’all!






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