IPA All Day

It’s no surprise that I fell off hard in the blog game… for the fourth time.  To be honest after smashing “300 before 30” I wasn’t sure where to go from that point. But I rose from the ashes, picked up my computer, and got my little fingers typing.  What better day to make my return than IPA Day! In typical Beer Laugh Love fashion I start completely out of order. I like to stay consistent.

#341 Ballantine India Pale Ale (ABV 7.2%) 

 Amazing grapefruit flavor. Nice balance of floral and pine. No heavy aroma (maybe it was my choice of glassware). Overall, it was a good beer. Thumbs Up!

#342 Green Flash Brewing Company Soul Style IPA (ABV 6.5%) 

 Grapefruit, mango, orange along with a combination and hops and bready malts. Slightly tart finish. Not bad. 1 o’clock thumb.

High Fives and Thumbs Up

  1. 29 days til Alabama Football kickoff.
  2. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. LOVE!
  3. Kid Cudi replacing Reggie Watts on Comedy Bang Bang. (bats lashes)

Thumbs Downs and WTFs

  1. All the hate, especially if it’s fueled from racism. Bury the hate people!
  2. Snapchat. I just don’t get it.

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