I Left My Wallet In Cincinatti

Last year I promised myself and E that I would post about my beer adventures in Cincinnati (and NKY), but if you look at my history you can clearly see that I never did. Despite my laziness, here it is! Oh, by the way… Cinci is hopping with tons of awesome bars, breweries, and restaurants. I would go in to detail, but I’m too lazy for that. Enjoy!

#268 Jackie O’s Mystic Mama 7%
Who doesn’t like a beer with their breakfast? Pungent hops, pine, lemon. Thumbs Up!

#270 Clown Shoes Ohio Unidragon (ABV 11.5%)
Coffee, cocoa, mild hoppy finish. The other Unidragon beers are 12.5%. Here’s a knowledge bomb for you… Clown Shoes lowered the abv to make it legal to sell in Ohio. Thumbs Up. Sorry kids, no pic.

#271 Stone enjoy by 7.4.14 IPA (ABV 9.40%)
Well balanced IPA. Citrus, mild hops, floral. Fantastic! Thumbs Up!

#272 Great Lakes Commodore Perry IPA (ABV 7.5%)
Hoppy, heavy citrus, sweet fruits. This photo is an example of when dying phones happen to good people. There’s a thumb up in there somewhere.

#273 Rhinegeist Brewery Hustle Red Rye Ale (ABV 5.7%)
I didn’t write a description, but I do remember that I didn’t hate (Which is obvious by the pic). 1 o’clock Thumb Up!

#274 Listerman Brewery Nut Case Peanut Butter Porter (ABV 5%)
Heavy peanut butter finish. Hints of cocoa and coffee. Thumbs Up!

#275 Eight Ball Like Rabbits IPA (ABV 8%)
Forgot description and pic. Too busy playing retro games. My bad…

#276 Great Lakes Burning River (ABV 6%)
Caramel, malts, grassy notes. Meh… Side Thumb.

#277 Fat Heads Zest for Breasts (ABV ???)
Pine, orange, lemon zest. $1 of the proceeds went to breast cancer research. We drank for E’s Aunt Patty, Dr. Katie’s mom Anna and for all the other ladies and gents who have fought, are fighting, and will beat The Big C. Thumbs Up!

#278 Little Kings 5.5%
E said that I HAD to have a Little Kings beer while I was visiting Cinci. The waiter laughed at us when we ordered it. Its kind of taste like a cross between ginger beer and bud light. Thumbs up for being tasty and not as scary as I expects.

**The following beers are my beer purchases from the trip**

#279 Pretty Things Beer and Ale Project Baby Tree Abbey Quadruple (ABV 9% )
Raisins, apples, copper (possibly from the gold rim of the glass), brown sugar. Heavier alcohol finish than I usually enjoy, but its still a good beer. Thumbs Up.

#280 Dugges Ale High Five India Pale Ale (ABV 7.5%)
Copper/brassy notes, hops, banana, orange. Amazing fruity aroma. If I had a list of my favorite IPAs this would be on it. Thumbs Up!

High Fives and Shoutouts
1. E, my #1 snow for showing me an awesome times as always. Can’t wait for the next reunion! Side Note: Fellas, she’s single and her grandparents have an elevator in their home. Her boobs can be featured in in beer pics 275 and 277.
2. All of the awesome Cinci/NKY Lyft drivers, especially that one driver who claims to have been on Jerry Springer twice and gave us tips on how to get on the show.
3. My mom for staying on top of me to reach my “300 beers before 30” goal. She is actually encouraging me to drink more… within good Christian limits of course. Love you, Ron!
4. Fat Heads for this ghost pepper stout. I ordered it in my flight. I feel in love.

Thumbs Down and WTFs
1. Myself for not being one of those girl who knows how to plan girlie events. I’m throwing the BFF a baby shower and I have no idea what I’m doing. Relying on prayer and Pintrest. Side Note: Hurry up baby!

The finale of Showtime’s Californication. I will forever miss Frank Moody.


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