No Good Titles Today

I only have a little less than 4 months until I turn 30, so my life is pretty much dedicated to turning up beers and cranking out these posts. 55 beers till 300. Can I do it?

#238 North Coast Brewing Co. Old Stock (ABV 11.8%)
Another pick from Smyrna Beer Market. I was told it would be better if I let it age, but I wasn’t trying to hear that. Overall, its a good beer. Brassy, caramel, hints of honey. Thumbs Up! Side Note: I should’ve let it age. I’ve got to stop being hard headed.

#239 Goose Island Ten Hills Pale Ale (ABV 6.20%)
Celebrating the end of the second Atl snowcation. A wonderful balance of pine, hops, lemon. Goose Island has never let me down. Thumbs Up!

#240 Back Forty Brewing Kudzo Porter (ABV 5.5)
The beer was served ice cold. So I could only make out faint coffee and cocoa flavors. I’m sure at the right temperature it would be good. I’ll revisit at another time. 2pm Thumb.

#241 Good People IPA (ABV 7.1%)
Another well made IPA. Citrus, pine, sneaky on the hops. Thumbs Up.

#242 Lagunitas Sucks Brown Shugga Substitute Ale (ABV 7.85%)
An unexpected surprise! Lemon, orange, caramel, with a hoppy finish. Thumbs way up!

#243 Evil Twin Brewing Falco IPA (ABV 7%)
Strong citrus and generous hops. Nicely done. Thumbs Up!

#244 Avery Brewing Company New World Porter (ABV 6.7%)
Heavy coffee finish. Hint of hops, pine, caramel. Thumbs Up!

#245 Evil Twin Ashtray Heart (ABV 8.9%)
Last time I drank a smoked porter it did go over so well, but this time around was much better. Heavy on the ashes with a light coffee flavor. I loved it! Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up and High Fives
1. My co-worker and fellow Alabama alum for gifting me with a Platypus disposable flask. The party will officially be in my pocket this summer.

2. Jammer’s 1st bracket for March Madness. It wasn’t great bracket… well it was terrible bracket, but he did predict the Mercer over Duke upset.

3. Spring! I’m ready to drink on some patios and rooftops.

WTFs and Thumbs Down
I have no complaints or outburst this time. Shocking, huh?

Until the next time! Cheers!


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