What Rhymes With Wednesday?

Blogging live from Porter Beer Bar in Little 5 Points, Atlanta!  Well it won’t be live by the time I publish this post, but you get my drift. I’m using my weekdays off to explore the bars I’ve never had the chance to visit. I’m not sure if drinking and writing is going to be one of my best ideas, but we won’t know until I try.

#190 Moinette Blonde (abv 8.5%)
Hoppy bite at first taste with huge flavors of floral and citrus. The only reason why I didn’t give it a complete thumbs up is because I wasn’t digging the tartness (if that’s a word). Would be an excellent beer for summer. 11’o clock thumb.

#191 Avery DuganA (abv 8.9%)
Recommendation from the bartender.  This is everything you want an IPA to be. More than enough hops to keep you happy, a citrusy grapefruit kick, and hints of pine. The description also listed pineapple.  Even though I couldn’t taste it, I could definitely smell it. Honestly, I was too hung up on the hops to pay attention.  In love… Thumbs up!

#192 New Holland Imperial Hatter (abv 9.4)
Another fantastic IPA recommendation from the bartender. Light on the hops, grapefruit and pine note, a little orange hiding in the background, but I could smell it a little more than I can taste it.  Another good IPA! Thumbs up!

Three years of living in Atlanta and this my first visit to Porter Beer Bar.  I have been missing out! The beer list is insane, the service is amazing, and the mac n’ cheese may or may not have magic sprinkled in the cheese. Overall it was a great experience from beginning to end.

Thumbs Up and High Fives

  1. One of my best friends/college room mate/ass of my jokes, Jess and Bobby on the birth of their first child Lincoln Dash.  Not only did they make a cute kids but, I want to applaud my friends for continuing to act like normal people (i.e. Making noise during football games and talking at above inside voice level). Congrats, ya’ll!
  2. The Alabama Crimson Tide football team. 2-0 so far, although the game last week nearly had me tearing my hair during the first half.
  3. My friends! Regardless of who or what you love, you’re my peeps forever! (This is why you shouldn’t drink and write)

WTF’s and Thumbs Downs

  1. The sorority/rush controversy at The University of Alabama. It’s sad, but not surprising.
  2. The girl who is talking crap about the bums in Little Five Points while I’m blogging from inside Porter Beer Bar… Bums are people too! Can they live!

Side Note: The beer numbers are not posted in order, but 180-189 will be posted sooner than later. J/K…probably later. Cheers!


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