Christmas Shenanigans in a Glass

I’m super late as usual, but that’s just how this kid rolls.  At least I got a post up before the New Year. Enjoy!

#140 Anchor Steam Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (ABV 5.5%)

My contribution to CB’s Tacky Christmas Sweater Party. I was originally going to take a couple bottles of Crispin Hard Cider, but the Anchor Steam bottle was more festive.  Heavy foam head, but I blame that on my terrible pouring. On the upside, the foam gave off a nice spicey aroma. This beer really did taste like Christmas in a cup! Rich, spicey (like nutmeg, not tobasco), and toasted malts with a woodsy finish. According to the Anchor Steam website the label and secret recipe changes every year. Thumbs up!

Safety first!


#141 Sierra Nevada Gillsade 2011 (ABV 6.4%)

I went to a company Christmas party with a friend in Downtown Atlanta. It was everything a you can ask for in a fancy work function.  Good food, open bar, drunk inappropriate co-workers. The beer selection wasn’t great, but you can’t beat free. I drank it straight from the bottle, so I don’t know the color. I’ll take a stab in the dark and guess its golden? Crisp, light hops, and slight bitter after taste. Not gonna lie, I was too busy playing Blackjack to pay close attention to taste details or take a picture. Mentally, I gave it a 9 o’clock (midway point between side thumb and thumbs up).

#142 Miller Genuine Draft (ABV???)

I was so crazied with playing Blackjack I made the mistake of telling the waiter to bring me any available beer. MGD tastes like piss, skunk, depression, and tears. This doesn’t even get a thumb. I should’ve given it the finger. I can only blame myself… and Blackjack.


#143 Bell’s Brewery Cherry Stout (ABV 7%)

I went out for a weeknight Taco Mac outing with some peeps. The beer menu is exhausting so I went with the first name that caught my attention. As I have stated 1000 times stouts aren’t my favorite, but this one changed my life. The cherries, chocolate, and roasted malts all came together and slapped me in the mouth (in a good way). The tart finish from the cherries really set it off. Perfection! No pic, but it get an elevated thumb for awesomeness!

#144 Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale 2011 (ABV 9%)

Believe or not, this was my first time at Trader Joe’s. It was pretty intense. It was like the entire story was frantic for booze. I felt like a big alchy waiting in line with my beer and two bottles of wine, but when I noticed people around me had SEVERAL cases of wine, my shame went away. Anywho… The Vintages Ale 2011 was pleasantly delicious! It was very smooth operatorish. Brewed with noble hops, roasted malts, and spices. Hints of raisins and cloves rounded out the flavor. Thumbs up! For some reason the pic wouldn’t upload. I’m really slacking this post.

High Fives and Shout Outs

1. To me! I added 91 beers to the list this year! It may not be alot to cool people, but it is for us regular folk.

2. All my peeps for reading another year of my shenanigans and my new readers for getting on board.

WTFs and Thumbs Downs

1. LSU everything…

Well kids, we got another year down. Hope 2011 was everything you wanted it to be and more. I would say lets recap, but I don’t remember much of it (in a forgetful Alzheimer’s kind of way, not in a constant hangover way). I wish you nothing, but the best for the 2012. Don’t make New Years resolutions… change when you feel like it (or not). Love your old (insert flaw/sin here) self. Peace and Cheers!


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