8 Perfectly Good Reasons to Drink Beer

  1.  Beer drinkers are all around happier people.
  2. People wish they could be you. Most of your non-beer drinking friends envy that you can (sometimes) pay half the price of they’re overrated cocktail and get a better buzz.
  3. So many fun games! Power Hour, Beer Pong, Flip Cup, should I continue?
  4.  Major chick/guy magnet. Guys: Ladies like a man’s man. Not saying the cute pink color from the (insert vodka of choice here) and cranberry will scare her off, but it can send the wrong message. Girls: Believe it or not, guys go ape sh!t over a girl who he can chill and have beers with. Double fisting could score you double points or an intervention the next morning.
  5. You’re the cheap one out of the group.  You can go to the bar and order a round of Buds or Miller and your friends will still think you’re generous (when you only spent $15).
  6. They make great gifts for any occasion! Birthdays, congrats, sympathy, or whatever you chose to celebrate.
  7.  Koozies! Nothing says how amazing and experienced you are like a koozie.  You keep your beer and have people be jealous of your warm hands at the same time.
  8. No muss, no fuss. You skip all that juice and mixer and get straight to the party.

Any other good reasons? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “8 Perfectly Good Reasons to Drink Beer

  1. Hello,

    This is a great topic to discuss to, so let’s get it started then.

    1. I so much agree with this. Most beer drinkers just wants to have fun, well of course, PARTY!!
    2. Beers > cocktails, and why? Because they’re cheap and the taste is really enjoyable compare to those vodkas. I mean why would they love to drink without tasting it?
    3. That’s it!
    5. Haha that one is the killer. Just like I said, cheap and tasty.
    6. Of course, especially craft beers they’re really good for gifts. For not-really-the-beer-type person you can give them Porters or Stouts as gifts.
    8. Yeah!! no need to mix just open the bottle.

    Add this to that list too.
    9. Most beer drinkers knows how to make their own beers.
    10. All beer drinkers will go to heaven. Why? here’s a quote from George Bernard Shaw:
    “When we drink beer, we get drunk. When we get drunk, we fall asleep. When we fall asleep, we commit no sin. When we commit no sin, we go to heaven. So, let’s get drunk and go to heaven!”

    Cheers man!!

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