I wish it was Sunday cause thats my fun day…

This is a random assortment of some summer beer adventures I’ve been too lazy to write.  Please excuse the number jump around, but there’s a reason behind this master plan.  Wooohooohaahaahaahaaaaa (rubs hands together like Mr. Burns)!

The Place: Taco Mac- Kennesaw, GA

The Peep: Phonso

The Beers: #116 Stone IPA (ABV 6.9%)

                     #125 Southern Tier Unearthly (ABV 11.5%)

                    #126 Coney Island Luna Lager (ABV 6%)

#116 Stone IPA (ABV 6.9%)

I can’t remember what I ordered first, but they were out of it so the waitress suggested this instead (Actually Phonso picked it first, but that’s a story for another time).  I wasn’t really in a IPA mood, but it was decent.  Nothing special, but it hit the spot with my chicken tenders.  Slight thumbs up.

#125 Southern Tier Unearthly (ABV 11.5%)

One freaking word… CRAZY!  Imagine this… You’re in the club and you meet in to a cute guy/girls/whatever you like.  You’re drinking, dancing, having fun with the person.  This night can’t get any better, right?  WRONG!  You glance to the back of the club and there is the “finest thang” you’ve ever seen in your life!  I’m talking “pinch myself, I dreaming” fine.  Then they walk over to you, you fall in love, and get married… THAT NIGHT!  Thats how this beer was for me.  When it first hits the tounge I tasted caramel, sweet fruits and malts, but as I was swallowing the hops came in the complete the flavor.  This is definitely in the running for my best beer of 2011.  Heaven in a glass! Elevated Thumb up!

Notice the shadow from the elevated thumb up!

#126 Coney Island Luna Lager (ABV 6%)

Nothing fancy. Typical lager (from what I’ve tasted).  Probably not a good idea to try a new beer immediately after I just had magic in a cup. Medium side thumb.

Taco Mac never disappoints with the beer menu, although I’m a little annoyed that the one in Kennesaw has to take out-of-state license to some secret back room or you have to leave on the table to be checked by a manager.  I came here for beer and SportsCenter, not to be investigated.

The Place: The apt

The Peep: Phonso

The Beer: #117 Mikkeller 10 American Style IPA (ABV 6.9%)

              #121 Mikkeller Barrell-Aged Black Hole (ABV 9.4%)

Phonso bought these over from  Sherlock’s (with Tyler’s recommendation, of course).  Supposedly, these beers hadn’t even hit the shelves yet and Tyler hooked it up (woot woot)! 

#117 Mikkeller 10 American Style IPA (ABV 6.9%)

First off, super cool bottle.  I could smell citrus and other fruits while I was pouring.  Very attractive creamy foam head.  Nice balanced taste of hops, orange, grapefruit, and some sweet fruits.  The taste lingers for a while, but not in a nasty cheap beer kind of way.  It was strong and wonderful!  Thumbs up!

#121 Mikkeller Barrell-Aged Black Hole (ABV 9.4%)

This was my birthday beer!  It was brewed with coffee, honey and vanilla and aged in a cognac barrel. Scary dark pour, which is usual for a stout.  Very boozy!  Heavy alcohol taste (prob from the cognac), but I liked it.  Hint of the coffee and vanilla came through, but it was no match for the Yak (that’s slang for cognac for my uncultured people).  Thumbs up!

The Place: Ormsby’s- Atlanta, Ga

The Peeps: Phons, J., and some nameless friends

The Beer: # 118 Wild Heaven Ode To Mercy (ABV 8.2%)

Random Sunday Funday night trip!  I think I’ve had this beer before, but it was after a trip to Sweet Water, so I didn’t remember much about it.  Fantastical (if thats a word)!  Bold flavors of coffee and malts with a creamy finish.  I usually am not a fan of the darkies, but this one great.  Thumbs up!  It was fiesta in my mouth!

The Place: Benihana- Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Phonso, Turtle, and the other people sitting at the hibachi grill

The Beer: # 122 Asahi (ABV 5.0%)

I decided on Benihana for my birthday dinner.  I know I could’ve picked some place better, but I wasn’t in the mood to be fancy.  Phonso just had to tell our waitress it was my birthday, so of course they made me wear one of those silly a** balloon hats during dinner.  A lady at our grill wanted buy me b-day drink, so I got the only beer on menu that I haven’t tried.  Asahi is Japan’s #1 beer.  Not bad.  It was dry and tastes like that flavor I can’t put my finger on.  Thumbs up for being free and not so bad. 

The Place: 5 Seasons- Atlanta, GA

The Peeps: Phons and Toyo

The Beer: #123 5 Seasons Stepchild Saison

Recommendation from the bartender/waiter that wouldn’t holla at Jen last time I was here. Wonderful summer beer!  It is light, spicy, and hints of fruit flavors here and there. Thumbs up!  5 Seasons never disappoints. 

The Beer #124 Terrapin Brewery Hopsecutioner

Above average American IPA.  Citrus hops and malt with an earthy taste and little tastes of caramel hidden in there.  Thumbs up!

Shout out and High Fives

  1. To the only girl who could motivate me to do right when I knew it was wrong, taught my the fine art of double washing whites and towels, and practically dressed me for every party of freshman year.  And to the guy that rescued me from the side of the road twice in the same summer and let me hoard his television when I didn’t have cable senior year.  Congrats to Jess and Bobby on their marriage!  I hope your life together is like those live a** parties at Buffalo’s back in the day, but better.
  2. To all the breweries that made my summer beer adventures possible.
  3. To Mumford and Sons for “The Cave”!  Love that jam!
  4. To Pauline Nordin the creator of The Butt Bible.  This is handouts down the funniest trainer on earth.  I had to stop and laugh several times during the work out.  I hope to get past week one, but I keep getting side tracked with my laziness.

Well kiddies, I hope everyone had a good summer.  You still got a few weeks left to get in some summer loving.  For the rest of the year my weekend will be jammed packed with ALABAMA FOOTBALL and praying for those who’s weekend aren’t.  Play, be safe, support your local everything and ROLL TIDE!


2 thoughts on “I wish it was Sunday cause thats my fun day…

  1. Thanks mixmaster for the marriage shout out! Your blog is hilarious, yet informative. I didn’t know u took notes on the double washing….however, u forgot to mention the coasters lol. Bobby and I love u lots!

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