Aw Naw…

We went on a random Wednesday to celebrate C. the Coupon Queen getting accepted into dietetic internship and have one last coworker hoorah.  Needless to say, there was a glitch in the evening due to a Groupon mishap. 

The Places:  Not worth saying and C’s house

The Peeps: C. The Coupon Queen and S.C.

The Beers: #113 Peroni (ABV 5.10%)

                 #114 Terrapin Reunion 10 Scotch Ale (ABV 8.5%)

 #113 Peroni (ABV 5.10%)

After the Bell’s Brewery tasting at Octane Coffee we ventured to (fill in the blank here) for dinner since C had a Groupon for 50% off ( you know we are all about some cheap).  The beer selection wasn’t worth mentioning. I never had Peroni before so I went for it.  Umm… Nothing to write home about.  Its light, with lots of carbonation and has that “something old” after taste.  Side Thumb…

(Unnamed restaurant on Pharr Rd) is a quaint, well decorated restaurant.  They had an extremely cute singer cranking out the hits and there was a man on the second floor with a monkey wearing overalls crawling on his shoulders.  Heres were it all goes to Hell.  We were not allowed to use the Groupon on the pizza special (there was no fine print on the groupon) and the waitress messed up our checks.  When we tried to calmly talk  to the manager he was rude and his designer imposter cologne assaulted my personal air supply.  To make matters worse, I got a parking ticket for expired meter.  Blah… I will not be back. EVER.

 #114 Terrapin Reunion 10 Scotch Ale (later at CTC’s house)

This is one of the beers that I brought to C’s house for our girls night beer fest that we both fell asleep on.  We cracked it open after the Groupon incident at (fill in the blank) to ease our minds.  I picked up since C graduated from UGA (Terrapin Brewery is Athens, GA) and for the Reunion logo on the bottle.  Scary, dark pour (you know how I feel about that).  Wonderful scotch flavor and I don’t think I like scotch.  Sweet with hints of caramel and a STRONG alcohol taste.  Me likey… Thumbs Up!

I had no idea the Reunions beers are realsed every year by a different brewery.  I think it’s awesome and it gives me something to look forward to! Check out for cool stuff about Myeloma and Bone Cancer research.  All proceeds from the beer help to fund research.

Shout Outs and High Fives

  1. C for getting accepted into a dietetic internship.  Run and never come back! Not kidding…
  2. SC for being addicted to jello shots after trying it for the first time.
  3. For Jen and Brandon for sending me the awesome pic of what  is suppose to be a thumbs up, but it looks more like a drunk happy slump thumb.

No thumbs downs or wtfs today, although I will say it was kinda a bummer that my mom shut down my dream of moving to Brooklyn and exploring the NYC craft beer scene.  I guess the no job or place to live part threw her off a little bit.  Ha! Oh well… Cheers anyway!


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