Monday and thats it…

I tagged along to an work “after work” function with Phonso on a Monday night.  Nothing exciting to say about it.  Interesting characters, very salty chicken chilli, and one depressed minor…

The Place: Firebird Rotisserie and Sports Bar, Dunwoody, GA

The Peeps: Phons A., Jason B., Chipster, and a bunch of randoms

The Beer: #112 New Belgium Somersault (ABV 5.2%)

Probably the most “interesting” of the beers to choose from at the restaurant.  Nice citrus aroma and flavor.  Hops and fruit flavors complete the taste.  Lots of carbonation!  It was like the bubbles were racing to the top of the glass.  Thumbs Up!  Good summer beer.

Firebird was a decent restaurant.  The chicken nachos everybody ordered were the, but of course I had to be calorie conscious and getting chicken chilli (which probably raised my blood pressure  to 700/390 by the end of the night).  For a sports bar I thought it would have better beer selection, but they can’t all be winners.

Shout out to the young dude who was mad that he is too young to drink at restaurant, so he put his head down on the table while everyone else drank.  I understand how he feels… No I don’t… I’m too old to remember how that feels. Better luck next time, guy…

He was sporting a "I Love Boobies" wristband. Keeping it classy for work!

Kids, don’t rush being old.  Sure 21 is fun and exciting, but its down hill after that… J/K (kinda)


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