Happy Belated IPA Day!!!!

In honor of IPA Day, I had solo celebration yesterday while I watched the season premiere of Jersey Shore.  Good times!

#120 Flying Dog Double Dog Double Pale Ale

Surprisingly better than what I expected.  I could taste a heap of citus hops and a hint of sweetness tangled in there somewhere.  I think what I was most impressed with is that it continued to taste good throughout the hour of Jersey Shore.  Impressive!  I also enjoyed the ManBearPig on the bottle wearing nothing, but draws.  Thumbs up! Good beer… Fun bottle.

Shout outs and High Fives

  1. The cast of Jersey Shore.  Thank you for bring meaning back to my Thursday night and giving me and my coworkers something to seriously discuss Friday mornings.  Although if Ron and Sam get back together I might stop watching… I’m lying.
  2. The Tide! Preason #2 baby! I’m so ready for Bama football I could cry!
  3. To Jason!  Last weekend was his birthday!  While you were in your birthday slumber I took this pic and told Katie I would post it, so here it is!  Next time your bday rolls around don’t let Phonso trick you into dressing up.  You could have saved your “business lunch” clothes for another day.

Thumbs down and WTFs

  1. The HEAT!  It’s too hot to even comment on it any further…
  2. Myself for falling of the writing again.  I’ve got to do better.

If you’ve been keeping up you will notice I have skipped quite a few numbers.  1. I’ve been kind of lazy. 2. There are beers that I want to write about in one big extravanganza of a post, but haven’t drank (is that a word) all them yet. Ooops!  Anywho… Enjoy your weekend.  Cheers to the good life!


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