My Ol’ Kentucky Home Part 2: Sunday Funday

After Jen’s World of Wine Tour, we ended up at Beer Trappe.  What was supposed to be a beer or two turned into an all day fiasco.

The Place: Beer Trappe- Lexington, KY

The Peep: Jen R., feat. Random guests

The Beers:     #109 Brooklyn The Concoction (ABV 7.5%)

                    #110 The Maharja IPA (ABV 10.54%)

                    #111 Sparteb Opitmator (ABV 7.2%)

#109 Brooklyn The Concoction (ABV 7.5%)

I was a little scared of the name.  The word concoction didn’t sit well with me, but it turned out much better than I expected.  There are so many flavors going on at once! All at once I taste crackers, ginger, honey, lemon, a hint of spice and crisp bitterness from the hops. Nice!  Thumbs up!

#110 The Maharja IPA (ABV 10.54%)

Orangey/amber color.  It has a great taste of hoppy bitterness, citrus and grapefruit flavors and malts.  Crisp and tangy finish to top it off.  Nice IPA! Thumbs up!

#111 Sparten Opitmator (ABV 7.2%)

Darkness everybody (in Charlie Murphy imitating Rick James voice)!  I spent the whole weekend avoiding dark beers and ended my adventure with  a dopplebock.  The hops and malt blend well with the caramel flavors.  Thumbs up!

I love Beer Trappe!  It was only my second time going there, but I think I’m going to put it on the “must go” list for my visits.  It’s the perfect spot for Sunday Funday!  I bet they thought we were crazy. We were posted up in the same spot (besides bathroom breaks) all day.  I got a lovely six pack of assorted beers(hand picked by your truly), met a national beer judge (shout out to Kevin) and a assortment of other people (Emily, Guy with beard, Dude with long hair).  Oh yeah… Jen and I shared a flight which included Tripel Karmeliet (ABV), Rouge Double Dead Guy Ale (ABV 9%), Guden Carlous Hapisnjoor (ABV 8%), and Piraat (ABV 10.5%).  I didn’t add it to the list,  because I don’t think a shared flight counts as full beers.  I give the whole flight a thumbs up, although the dead guy was just ok.  Jen said the first time she and Jake had the Dead Guy it tasted like dead people (don’t ask). 

Ebony and IvoryMe and "bar friend" Emily with my custom 6 pack!

High Fives and Shout Outs

  1.  Jen for being hospitable as usual.  We are hands down the best Ebony and Ivory duo EVER! I am appointing her as my new spokeswoman/hype girl. She made a point to tell(yell) everyone that came our way about my blog. Jen also had Dogfishhead Old School with a whopping 15% ABV. SUPER TROOPER!
  2. Lexington! You’re not that great, but I’ll love you forever.

WTFs and Thumbs Downs

  1. The lady wearing the jean onsie at Chrisman Mill.  Do The Bluegrass a favor and burn that outfit.  You look a fool!
  2. Brown hair hat wearing bartender (I know your name, but I’m not going to call you out.) at Beer Trappe.  Thanks for calling Jen. You’re a real gem! J/K!

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