Me, Tom Hanks, Corey Matthews and Tim Tebow all walk into a bar…

I had the most bizarre dream last night and it was beer related so that makes it even better!  Ok… Me, Tom Hanks (Yes! That Tom Hanks), Corey Matthew from Boys Meet World (I think his real name is Ben Savage) and Tim Tebow met up at a bar for beers. I had a deadline for a beer article, so I had to get a beer that wasn’t on my list to write about. Finally, after what seemed like forever I chose a limited release Sierra Nevada that had my name on the bottle. I walk over to the table and they’re all mad at me, because I took so long and they refused to believe that I had a deadline for my article. Tom Hanks and I got into a huge fight! I told him that just because Forrest Gump went to the University of Alabama doesn’t mean that people from Alabama actually like him (I’m not from Alabama, but I’m a UA alumni. Roll Tide!). Tim Tebow starts laughing and I told him that he shouldn’t laugh because NOBODY likes him. Corey Matthew was yelling at me from afar, while some blonde girl was hanging all over him. My mom comes in and Tom Hanks is being extra nice to her and acting as if nothing happened. I told my mom about that situation and she confirmed that I really did have a deadline for my article. They all tried to be nice to me after that, but I wasn’t trying to hear it. Just as I was about to go off on Tom Hanks for being a d-bag, I woke up. Crazy, huh? Is this a sign? I know this looks like a cluster freak (can’t say the F word, my mom might be reading) of words, but this dream was too good to not to share with the world.  Maybe all this beer is driving me crazy!  Oh well, if it makes me have these amazing, vivid dreams I must keep going!  Thumbs up for turning into a crazy person!


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