My Old Kentucky Home

I took my talents to Lexington, KY for Fourth of July weekend to visit my peeps.  Every time I come back to visit I always have a medical mishap (i.e. passing out for no reason what so ever), so I was scared of what might happen this time around.  Despite the abort mission with a certain bacon flavored beverage, it was good times as usual.

The Place: Malone’s Steakhouse Lexington, KY

The Peeps: Jen R., Jacob R., Tina R., Jordan, Brandon, with special guest Logan F.

The Beer:# 103 Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale (ABV 8.19%)

This is the first KY beer added to the list (fist is air)!  The beer has a bold bourbon flavor, but not so much that it was over powering.  Bourbon and malts was pretty much all I tasted.  Thumbs up! 

Malone’s was amazing as always.  It’s hands down one of my favorite restaurants.

The Place: Marikka’s Lexington, KY

The Peeps: Jen R., JordanW., Brandon W.

The Beers: # 104 Kalnapilis Litholania Lager Beer (ABV 5.0%)

                     # 105 Saku Rock Star (ABV 5.3%)

                     # 106 Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen Bamberg (ABV 5.2%)

I’m not going to lie, from the outside Marikka’s does not look “ethnic friendly” if you know what I mean. The bouncer assured me that I wouldn’t get lynched.  Apparently he was right… or maybe I’m typing from the grave.

#104 Kalnapilis Lager Beer (ABV 5.0%)

I was scared and surprised when it came out in the huge 16 oz  instead the typical 8 ouncer.  Crisp flavor of hops and light citrus with a little tangy after taste.  It wasn’t bad, it wasn’t great, but it was much better than I expected to be.  Slight Side Thumb. 

#105 Saku Rock Star (ABV 5.3%)

It tastes like something, but I don’t know what.  Side thumb for being drinkable.  Side Note: This will go down in history as one of the worst beer descriptions ever. Fingers crossed for an award!

#106 Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Weizen Bamberg (ABV 5.2%)

This was my first (and probably the last) smoked beer.  I didn’t know they existed until I tried this one.  It was like drinking a BLT.  Seriously, it was like someone brewed bread, bacon, lettuce and tomato and bottle it.  Interesting first couple of sips, but it started to taste gross after drinking for a while.  I was quick to give this a side thumb based off the first  sips, because of the unique flavor.  If I would have waited a little while longer  I would have given it a thumb down.  I had to push the eject button when I got back to Jen’s that night.

Marikka’s was interesting to say the least.  The beer selection was out of control!  There was a volleyball court in the back and they played a assortment of Wu-Tang songs.

Volleyball action!

High Fives and Shouts Outs

  1. The random guy we met wearing a “Vote for Ron Paul” t-shirt and glasses with yellow lenses.  His only purpose for voting for Ron Paul is because he wants to legalize weed.
  2. Logan for doing push-ups at Malone’s after we had to bribe him with money.

Thumbs Downs and WTFs

  1. To the people at Marikka’s that bought Bud Lights. There were a gajillion of beers to chose from and you chose that? C’mon son!

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