I slept through my “first time”.

The Place:  Marietta, GA

The Peep: Name will not be relieved to protect the innocent

The Beer: #97 Victory Golden Monkey (ABV 9.5%)

                    #98 Ommengang Abbey Ale (ABV 8.5%)

                   #99 Ovila Abbey Dubbel (ABV)

(Insert name here) and I met up at her place for a girls night that ended with us falling asleep on that Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston movie.  Little did I know that I would doze of in the middle of a milestone.

#97 Victory Golden Monkey (ABV 9.5%)

(Mouth to finger kiss like the French) Magnificent! It has an insane (in a good way) taste of spices, clove, and fruits like banana and pear.  Excellent first choice for the night. Thumbs up!

#98 Ommengang Abbey Ale(ABV 8.5%)

There is a lot of carbonation going on after the pour. I don’t know why, but it scared me a little bit.  I felt like had to deep sea dive through the head of foam to actually taste the beer (not gonna lie, even the foam tasty).  Abbey Ale tastes of sweet malts, fruit and has a dry finish.  It was surprisingly very good.  I didn’t think it was going to be bad, but I didn’t think it was going to be that good.  Thumbs Up!

#99 Ovila Abbey Dubbel (ABV 7.5%)

If I would have known this was the big 1-0-0 I would have done something special like wear a hat or said a few words or given a toast to my personal success.  Heck, I would have at least tried to stay awake to finish the entire glass (Don’t worry… I finished majority of it.)  To make matters worse, I didn’t even take a pic of my 100th beer! I’m falling off for real.  Oh well!  At least I have the memory of me forgetting my 100th beer.  Anyway…  I usually don’t sniff (yeah I said sniff) before I taste it, but could help but smell the fruity aroma. The taste is fruity, malty, and kind of sweet.  Portion of the proceeds from the beer go towards the restoration of a historic monastery in California.  Another good deed beer for me (pat myself on the back)!  Thumbs Up! (Side Note: This was actually #101, but I made a mistake on the numbers and I’m way to lazy to go back and correct the rant about me going to sleep.  It messes up the dynamic of the post.) (Side Side Note: J/K! This #99. I had to reado the math AGAIN. Judge me later. Thanks!)

Remember when I said I wouldn’t buy anything from Sherlock’s if Tyler wasn’t working? Yeah, I lied.  I went in to pick up beer for the girls night.  I didn’t see Tyler and I instantly wanted to walk out, but I didn’t since I couldn’t think of anywhere else to.  I was hoping to go unnoticed, but I was spotted (probably looking foolish).  The guy was extremely nice and was the recommender (if thats a word) for Ovila.  I don’t know his name, but I guess we can call him Second Opinion Guy.  I’m still really upset about the 100th beer situation.  Hopefully 150 and 200 will be more eventful.

High Fives and Shout Outs

  1. Chick-fil-a for the 3-D Southern States book in the kid’s meal.  I always give me kid’s meal books and toys to my mom for her class room, but it was so cool I might keep it for myself.  It doesn’t makes up for them jipping me on the Berenstain Bears book last summer.  I’m still not over that.
  2. My first subscriber Rachael (woot woot!)!  She has hilarious post about kids coming to her yoga class.  Check it out at http://aspenandella.wordpress.com/
  3. My dang self for making to the 100 mark, even though I didn’t know and fell asleep on it.  I would like to make a moment to thank a few people and places (if that’s possible).
  • My beer drinking friends especially Jen R. (in conjunction with Dr. Katie A. and Jacob R.).  I drank the most beers with her hands down. 
  • The beautiful city of Chicago and New Orleans and your lovely bartenders for contributing the most beers in one day.  I love ya’ll!
  • My family and friends for being supportive of the blog and my movement.  Especially my boo/bodyguard/manager/bear Phonso.
  • Most importantly, the readers!  I’m doing this adventure for myself, but I write about it for you.  You get the ultimate high five for that!

Hopefully the next 100 will be an even bigger adventure than the first.  Remember to support your local brewers, farmers, music and breast feeders.  God’s speed and Roll Tide!


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