I declare a Thumb War!

I took an after work adventure to 5 Seasons Brewery to sample some beers and sit with the Brewmaster Crawford Moran. Forgive my lack of description.  It was my first “sit down” with a Brewmaster, so I was free-baling it (Sorry mom). 

#83 IPA (ABV 7%)

Pretty good!  Hoppy, with small hints of citrus taste. Thumbs up!

#84 Pale Ale (ABV 5.5%)

It tastes like the typical pale ale.  I’ve never had an amazing pale ale, so I had no greatness compare it to.  Slight side thumb for being decent. 

Must have not been that bad, huh?


#85 Venus Belgian (ABV 5.5%)

 Belgian white beer brewed with wheat, barley, oats and orange pills.Wonderful spring time beer!  I recommend this one for the girls, for sure! Thumbs up!

#86 Spring Bock (ABV 7.2%)

German-style bock lager. Nice, dry finish.  A definite sleeper.  Drink it fast and you might get dropped.  Thumbs up! 

#87 Oatmeal Porter (ABV 4.5%)

Taste of caramel, chocolate, and hints of oatmeal.  Great smell and amazing taste. Thumbs up! 

#88 Saison (ABV 4.5%)

Tastes of tropical fruit, berries and spices, and lavender.  Another great one for the spring/summer season.  Thumbs up.

5 Seasons is awesome!  The beers are brewed on site and sold only at the location.  A new cask ale is tapped every Thursday at 5:55 pm.  If I didn’t work late on that day, I would probably be there every Thursday.   I didn’t taste any of the food this time around, but it menu looked amazing.  The restaurant gets ingredients from local farmers and the menu is constantly changing with the season.  Crawford was incredibly nice and border line hilarious.  He shared with me the basic run through of  brewing a beer and the aging process.    Remember kids…  Sanitation is key and oxygen is the enemy!  I really appreciate him taking the time to meet with me and providing my entourage Phonso and Chipster with a beer on the house.

“The only time you drink wine is when you run out of good beer”- Crawford Moran



1.  To my Aunt for having the house of supply every time I’m back in Chatt.  Her kitchen is a piece of Heaven on Earth.

2.  My mom for sweating me about publishing a post before I left the house today.  Good looking out girl

3.  My Uncle Jerald for forgetting to throw out his Schlitz Malt Liquor can before I came to visit.  He must have known I needed a follow-up pic for the previous I wrote about him. 

It would be great if he was double fisiting!

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