Hooray for IPA!

The Place: My Apt via Sherlock’s

The Peep: Phons A.

The Beer: #82 Port Brewery Mongo Double IPA (ABV 8.5%)

Phonso and I stopped by Sherlock’s to pick up some beer for our monthly Mexican meal night.  Of course he was looking for quantity, while I was looking for quality.  I was unsure on what to get so I reluctantly asked for help from the same guy that recommended the limited release beers I bought a few months back.  This time around, he suggested Port Brewery Mongo IPA.  Excellent pick!  Everything a double IPA should be.  Crazy hops, hints of lemon and orange flavor and a nice dry finish.  I tried to get a good pic of the cat surfing on the bottle, but it didn’t turn out too well.  The cat is honor of the brewery’s “fallen solider” Columbus.  I guess he liked to surf?  Good beer, good label, good job!  Thumbs up!

R.I.P. Columbus

I shared with my  Sherlock Beer Adviser (Shout out to Tyler) about the blog and my mission of drinking 300 beers before my 30th birthday.  He told me about the small brewery he owns/operates with a friend called Burnt Hickory.  They are in the process of getting their beer sold in a few local restaurants/bars.  Be on the look out for Burnt Hickory beers soon!  Saving room on the list for it!

      High Fives and Shout Outs

  1. To how ever put a copy of the Beer Advocate magazine in my back seat.  Very good read!
  2. To Glamourlyke performing at the Riverbend on Saturday, June 11th!  Good music is making a comeback!
  3. To my bodyguard/manager/bear Phonso for the great connects and being supportive, even though he’s REALLY mean to me :0)

Until next time… CHEERS!


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