The best rats are from Chatt.

I took a day adventure to my hometown Chattanooga, TN with Phonso for my cousins’ high school graduation.   We went downtown for what was suppose to be a light snack, but it turned into a pig out.

Place: Lupi’s, Downtown Chattanooga, TN
Peep: Phons A.
Beer: #81 Xingu Black Beer (ABV 4.7%)

I originally asked for Tuskers (recommendation from Dewayne Hill), but they were out so cashier suggested Xingu (shin-goo).  I was game for whatever and for some reason I trusted this girl’s judgment.  I didn’t know what to expect from a black beer.  When I poured it my first thought was “Ah hell…”  The beer is literally black!  This can’t go well, right? WRONG, SON! WTH! OMG! STFU! WHYBAML!  AMAZING!  It might be up against Ommengang Hennepin for my best beer of 2011.  Xingu is smooth and has bold flavor of chocolate, caramel, and toffee.  Kind of disappointed with the hops, but I enjoyed it anyway.  I would recommend this to anyone who wants to drink beer, but can’t handle to hoppy taste. THUMBS UP!  I did some research on Xingu Black Beer for the post and found out some interesting facts.  It is named after the Xingu River in the Amazon and the supports Y Ikatu Xingu project which protects the Amazon and Xingu River. Another good deed beer for me (pat on the back)!

Notice the lame in the background with the water. j/k... Not really.

Lupi’s was cool! It’s been in Chatt for a while, but it was my first time there.  It has a “I bicycle or walk everywhere/artsy/hippy/cool/Coldplay” kind of vibe.  The pizza is a little pricey for my liking, but I’m el cheapo so everything is pricey to me. Great beer selection!  While scanning over the beer menu a saw that Chatt has brewing company. WHAT?  Fist pump for Chatt, well for me anyway.  Definitely making a trip back to Lupi’s and Chattanooga Brewing Company next time I’m in Chatty.   After Lupi’s we made a stop at Chattanooga Cupcake for some deliciously overpriced cupcakes.  Well they were only $3, but I told you I’m cheap.  The red velvet was and Phons enjoyed his as well.  Surprisingly fun Chatt adventure! :0)


  1. My cousins Cardarius and TJ for graduating high school! I wish they would’ve followed in my footstep to the Bama, but I’m proud of them anyway.
  2. The Eita’s for training for the GO 5K in September (if we don’t talk each other out of it).  
  3. My new obsession with Food Trucks!  I’m trying to convince my friend Jen to quit her job and move to ATL so we can operate one together. 
  4. My mom for not freaking out and accuse me of having a drinking problem when I told her what my blog is really about.

**Free beer or water to whoever can tell me what WHYBAML means**


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