“I was on 1-2-5 and St. Nick.”

NEW YORK CITY!  The first stop on the Spring 2011 tour.  Believe it or not, beer was not the first priority on this trip.  My mission was to find street rats!  I felt like it wouldn’t be a complete New York City experience if I didn’t see a few little rodents.  Luckily, I saw a couple of them playing in the subway.  Anywho… The food was amazing and the people were interesting.  I didn’t go crazy on the beers , but I got some good picks and a “wtf”  added to the list.

The Place: Slate. NYC

The Peeps: Toya S., Tiffany S

The Beers:  #77 Chimay Bleue (ABV 9%)

I am always a fan of Belgian style beers.  Chimay has a fruity and tart taste with a dry finish.  I tried to look up some info on the brewery’s website, but it was in German. :0(  Thumbs up, anyway!   Slate is a cool bar and restaurant on West 21st Street in NYC.  Guests have the option to eat, play games, or watch the game while having a few drinks.


The Place: Campo, NYC

The Peeps: Toya S., Tiffany S.

The Beers:  #78 Snapperhead IPA (ABV 6.80%) and #79 Goose Island Honker’s Ale (ABV 4.2%)

#78 Snapperhead IPA (ABV 6.80%)

I’m a sucker for cool names, so when I saw the beer names like Snapperhead and Porkslap it was all good.  The bartender suggested Snapperhead over Porkslap,  so I went with her recommendation.  The can was cool, but I was a little scared when I saw it.  I don’t think anything good can come from a bright yellow can with a fish wearing headphones.  Too my surprise, it wasn’t bad.  It’s a decent IPA. Small hints of citrus flavor, but it didn’t go hard on the hops like I expected.  My best friend Toya, said it was woodsy and gave her a splinter (Don’t ask).  Slight side thumb.  It was good, but it could have been better.

#79 Goose Island Honker’s Ale (ABV 4.2%)

I am all about some Goose Island!  The bartender at Campo suggested it for Round 2.  It has a smell of fruity hops.  Nice taste with a crisp finish.  Goose Island is never disappointing! Thumbs up!

Campo is located on Broadway near Columbia University.  It’s a cozy restaurant with a decent bar.  The bartender was great.  I can’t remember her name, but Toya made sure she took a pic with her before we left.  Didn’t taste the food, but  it looked good.  I highly suggest stopping by if you’re in the area.


The Place: Havana Central, NYC

The Peep: Toya S.

The Beer: #80 Havana Central Ale

When I asked the bartender for his opinion on the Havana Central Ale, he gave me a look and said her never tried it.  I should have taken this as a warning, but I went it anyway.  It can’t be that bad, right? WRONG!  I’ll break it down for you in six words:  stale Bud Lite in sheep’s clothing.  What the F#%k (Sorry Mom)!   It was nasty, stale, dull and did I mention nasty.  I got almost half way through and couldn’t finish it.   I should have saved it in a to go cup, taken a cab Havana Central Headquarters, and thrown  it in the person’s face who thought it would be a good idea to sell it to the public.  Then I should have slapped myself for spending my hard-earned money on that garbage.  I give it the dead thumb.  I wanted no part of my thumb to be even slightly elevated.  Pretty sure that’s the beer they serve in Hell. 

Havana Central was ok.  The guacamole and plantains were decent.  That’s all I have to say about it.  That disgusting beer ruined the experience for me.


  1.  The ladies that sell mango in Union Square.  Forget those fancy restaurants!  I’ll take a slice mango with paprika and lemon juice any day!
  2. The street food vendors.  Marry me.
  3. Tiffany for letting us crash at your humble abode and showing us the New York City Life.
  4. Toya for inviting me on this whirlwind of a trip and always trying to give beer a chance even though it’s not working out for you.


Side Note: I upped the ante to 300 beers instead of 204.  I got a thing about numbers.  Thanks again for reading this madness!  You keep reading and I’ll keep cranking out the hits.  Cheers!

Whenever I go on an out-of-town adventure Lindsey Lohan gets into trouble. I know it's not beer related, but I think this pic is funny... Well not for Lindsey.

2 thoughts on ““I was on 1-2-5 and St. Nick.”

  1. I have a lot of fun reading your posts! They change my life and I’m looking forward to my kids, kids reading this and knowing about beer and your adventures! You give woman a say-so on their life and homw to be independent beer drinkers *tear* I love all that your doing and keep up the great work!

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