The Lost Episodes

>Ok… I’m messing up. The beers have caught up with me and I’m doing an AWFUL job of keeping you kids up to date with the adventures. It’s selfish of me and I’m sorry.  This pitiful post is a brief rundown of the smash and grabs over the past couple of month.  Please forgive me.

The Place: Cloud 9, Chattanooga, TN
The Peep: T. Strick
Beers: # 68 New Highlands Blue Wheat (ABV ???%)  and  #69 Star Hill “The Love” Wheat (ABV 4.6%)
I went to research New Highlands Blue Wheat and there was NOTHING!  I know for a fact I didn’t make this beer up. I have witnesses!  I go to Cloud 9’s website to look at this beer menu, just to make sure I didn’t mess up the name and IT’S NOT THERE! For real, is somebody playing a joke on me? If you are reading this and you know this mystery beer I speak of,  please contact me ASAP.  It is going to bother me until I figure it out.   Anywho… Star Hill was pretty delicious. It is a hefeweizen (unfiltered wheat beer).  Good flavor, but can’t put my finger on what it is.  The website says bananas and clove, but I don’t know if that’s what I tasted.  Maybe the hookah messed with my taste buds?  Cloud 9 was a cool place with weird Trois background music playing.  There was an interesting selection of beers to choose from and the hookah was the usual.  Fun night getaway in Chatty!
The Place: Taco Mac, Kennesaw, GA
The Peep: Solo Dolo
The Beers: #70 Lost Abbey Devotion (ABV 6.25%) and #71 Victor Hop Wallop (ABV 8.5%)
Thumbs up to both.  Devotion is a golden color and I got a good flavor of hops and citrusy flavors.  Lost Abbey has some interesting stories on the website about Monks and all kinds of other shenanigans.  I chose Victor Hop Wallop because of the cool name.  It has a golden color and is slightly bitter, but it tastes pretty good.  The website said it was made with Whole American Flowers.  I guess that’s good? This was the first time I purposely went to the bar alone after work.  I mostly stared at ESPN and listened to stranger’s conversation.  There are some crazy people out there! On the right side, a guy was talking about how he left all his shoes in Vegas and had to get on the plane barefoot. On the left side there was a know-it-all Uncle Tom trying to impress the random snow bunny with his impressive beer ventures.  I didn’t have that heart to tell him that I’ve had WAAAAAY more beer than he has.  You win, Uncle Tom!
The Place: Red Brick Brewery, Atlanta, GA
The Peeps: Phonso J., Jerm
Beers: #72 Long John (ABV 8.20%), # 73 Helluva Bock (ABV 7%) and # 74 Best Bitter (ABV???%). 
#72 Red Brick Long John  (ABV 8.20%)
It has a dark red/ brownish color.  It has a slight sweetness in the flavor.  Ok for a first pick for initial visit. Slight side thumb!
#73 Red Brick Helluva Bock (ABV 7%)
Not to be confused with Red Brick Helles Bock.  It has kind of a sweet smell and taste. It was nothing fancy, but not bad.  Thumbs ups up for the effort.
#74 Red Brick Best Bitter (ABV ???%)
Good. Bitter. That’s all I remember. Thumbs up!  Side Note: What would the Worst Bitter taste like?
Jerm gave the Ale and Poter two thumbs down.  Phons only liked the light beers and pretended to like everything else.  I guess that what happens when Miller High Life and Natty Ice is your champagne of choice. I liked Red Brick! Good beer, fun atmosphere, and best of all THEY DON’T COUNT THE TICKETS! It was free for all! I wasn’t able to taste all the beer, but I guess that’s the down side to not counting tickets. We made the usual pit stop at Felines for the after party.
“I really don’t like it, but I’m trying to be cool.  Is it working?”
The Place: Taco Mac
The Peeps:  I will protect the names of the innocent.
The Beer: #75 Dog Fish Head 90 min IPA (ABV 9.0%)
AMAZING!   Maybe the best IPA I’ve had so far.  Good hoppy flavor.   Interesting fact:  It is continually hopped beer.  Don’t know what that means?  I do not recommend this for newbies, but old pros will love it. Thumbs up!  Excited to try the 120 min IPA!  If the 90 min was amazing, that extra 30 min will probably cause insanity.  It was the usual Taco Mac desperation beer run.  We saw a lady that could easily win the Biggest Butt in America contest. It still haunts my dreams.
The Place: 3-in-1 random bar in Atlanta
The Peeps: Shall remain nameless
The Beer: # 76 Pabst Blue Ribbon (ABV 4.7%)
I know what you’re thinking.  How could I have gone through college and years on inexperienced beer drinking and never had PBR?  I was able to dodge for all these years, but I had to try it sometimes.  PBR was used for beer pong at one of the bars and that is the only purpose it should serve.  It was butt nasty with a lot of carbonation.  I don’t knock people’s beverage of choice, but if you’re drinking this for pleasure  you need an exorcism.  The can and taste remind me of my Uncle Jimmy (story for another time).  I probably would have downed it back in the day when I didn’t know better, but I didn’t.  I took at  least five steps back for the cause that night.  Thumbs down…. Way down.
Side Note: I made the big switch over from Blogspot to WordPress!  So this will be my new home from now on.  I feel cooler blogging on here for some reason?  Anywho… Lots of good stuff coming up soon. PEACE!

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