>We in da NOLA BABY!!!!


I took a trip to The NO with my KY Snows, Jen and Katie for Katie’s Med School residence interviews.  The trip was filled with fun times and awesome food.  I also found a baby cockroach in my Hurricane, which officially started my revolt against the mixed drink. Team Beer Only!
The Place: New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood, New Orleans, LA
The Peeps: Jen R., Dr. Katie A.
The Beer: #63 Nola Blonde (ABV 4.90%)
The Nola Blonde is the typical blonde and it paired well with my shrimp boy. Jen had the Nola Brown and gave it the ok side thumb.  Katie had to skip out on the first night beverages, because her interview was the next morning.  New Orleans Hamburger and Seafood is cool little restaurant chain in New Orleans and a couple of surrounding cities.  The food was good and I loved that the menu gives suggestions for beers and meal pairing.  I will not speak on the restaurant service is a story for another blog.
The Place: Crescent City Brewhouse; French Quarter, NOLA
The Peeps: KY Snows
The Beer: #64 Red Stallion (ABV 5.80%)
Pretty good! Red Stallion was hoppy, medium body, full flavor. Thumbs up!  Crescent city was cool little bar in the French Quarter.  It was decorated with cool signs and had a laid back vibe.  All brewing is completed here and no chemicals are used in the process.  The only down side to this place is that they wouldn’t let Katie bring in her other beverage.  I guess they got to draw the line somewhere. Anyway… Good Job Crescent City!
The Place: International House of Beer, Bourbon Street, NOLA
The Peeps: KY Snows
The Beers: #65 Abita Ale Andygator (ABV 8%),
                      #66 Abita Amber (ABV 4.5%) 
                     # 67 Abita Strawberry (ABV 4.2%)
I think a tear came to my eye when I spotted this place. There are two locations on Bourbon Street and who cares about the other locations.  The bar was the typical Bourbon Street hole-in-the- wall with great prices.  Ladies get a free beer if they take off their bras.  We planned to buy some el chepo bras from the Wal-Green to bring in for a freebie, but we forgot.   If you’re ever on Bourbon Street I highly recommended it!


#65 Abita Ale Andygator (ABV 8.0%)
Since I was in Louisiana it was only right to get as many Abita’s as possible.  Per Bartender, the Andygator had the highest abv of all the beers on tap. He told me it’s 11%, but I found out later that it’s really 8%.  Since I had a double serving I forgive him for lying.  It was a good beer! Nice flavor, kind of sweet.  Good beer for Bourbon Street cruising.
#66 Abita Ale Amber (ABV 4.5%)
The first beer offered by Abita Brewery and the leading seller.  Nice color with a smooth flavor. Yes, flavor can be smooth.  Not much to say about this one, except it is an all around good beer.  Good Job, Abita!  Thumbs up!
#67 Abita Strawberry Ale (ABV 4.2%)
Abita’s strawberry flavored ale (duh).  It’s a wheat ale made with real strawberries.   I liked it, but I didn’t love it.  Jen was enjoying it until she found some mystery cigarette ash in her cup.  I recommend this to the people that want to drink beer, but can get past the taste.  Thumbs up!
Got a couple of shout outs!
1.   To Katie for being super smart and letting me tag along with her and Jen for the adventure.  I’m a little sad you’re not moving to New Orleans, but I’ll get over it.  Get your gun license before you hit M-Town! 
2.   To the crazy man on Bourbon Street who jumped out of nowhere and did the Stanky Leg Sunday morning before we left. You are one classy guy!
3.   Commanders Palace for the amazing lunch, but they get a serious back hand for those 25 cent cocktails.  I can make kool-aid at home. 
On a serious note; Please continue to pray for all families that were affected by the tornado in April.  Seeing the damage of my sweet little T-Town brought a tear to my eye.  Volunteers and donations are needed.  Get off yo butt and help somebody!  ;0)

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