>Sweetwater: Round 2… BREAK!


The Places: Sweetwater Brewer and Fellini’s Pizza, Atlanta, GA
The Peep: Phons J.
The Beers: #61 Sweetwater Happy Ending
                 #62 Shiner Bock
Phonso was super jealous that I took my first trip to Sweetwater with my Snows (shout to Jen and Christina), so I took him on his first brewery tasting adventure.  To my surprise he really liked it!  He fit in just fine and we even made some friends while we were there. Side Note: The Snows out there have some harsh opinions about Nikki Minaj, but I’ll save that for another day.  Anyway… I was a tad disappointed that Phonso would not venture out past the lighter beers, but oh well.  Sweetwater was just as good the second time around.  A little bit more enjoyable since we were able to go outside and enjoy the sunshine.  If you haven’t been to Sweetwater you need to go now! Yeah… Like right now…
#61 Sweetwater Happy Ending (ABV 9.0%)
When I go to Sweetwater, I usually start with the favorite and get the special brew at last call.  Not much to say about Happy Ending.  I didn’t really like it.  It’s an Imperial Stout.  It had flavors of chocolate and coffee and had a small hint of hops.  I really want to like stouts, but I don’t know if I have it in me.   I think I’m trying them at the wrong time.  Maybe I should coordinate a designated time to try stouts and call it “Stout Time”.  Nice name, right?  It wasn’t awful and possibly might get another try.  I gave it a side thumb/bad face for now.  The bad face is to add drama to the side thumb.
#62 Shiner Bock (ABV 4.40%)
This was a post Sweetwater pick.  I don’t know why I tried or what I was thinking at the time.  (From what I remember) Shiner Bock was ok.  One of my work Snows mentioned that she liked it, so I owe this pick to her.  I’m pretty sure I was trying to hide from the camera, but it didn’t work out well.  I gave it a thumb up, because I was in a “good place” at the moment. 
High Five to Fellini’s Pizza on Northside Drive for having the most delicious pizza on deck after my adventures.  Oh… I started a twitter for the cause.  Follow the adventures @BeerLaughLove… If I rerember to tweet.  remember to breastfeed your kids! Cheers!  

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