>Where you been, son?


Man… Has it been a long time or what? I know it is super late, but I hope everyone is having a excellent start to the new year! Between studying for the GRE and writing grad school essays I hardly had anytime to blog. Ok… I’m gonna lie…I just didn’t feel like blogging after all that mess, so I took a small hiatus. Now I’m so far behind on sharing my adventures I’m going to be typing like a mad woman!  Even though I haven’t posted anything in a while, I definitely kept the tour going.  So without further delay I present to you… (dun dun dun) the beers of 2011!
#54 Delirium Tremens (ABV 8.5%?)
I have heard nothing but good things about this beer, so I was excited to try it.  First off… Super scared of the bottle. I have no idea why, but it made me feel dirty.  Like I was doing something wrong.  Once I got passed the feeling dirty part, it was all good. It’s golden, kind of frothy.  I’m pretty sure there was some kind of funk coming from the bottle, but I chose to ignore it. Also, there were chunks of stuff at the bottom. I’m no beer expert so I don’t know what that was about.  In all, I give a thumbs up.  I didn’t go crazy like some people claim to do, but it would have made for a nice adventure.
#55 Reunion 08 (ABV 6.50%)
I chose this beer because it was organic and the profits go to Multiple Myeloma and bone cancer research.  I was having a “do-gooder” moment and felt like I was doing my part to help someone.  As I mentioned before, the beer is organic (my 1st organic beer, btw).  It is made from caraway seeds (never heard of it).  I’m not gonna lie, When I started pouring it I was scared to death!  It was thick and reminded me of old soda for some reason.  It wasn’t awful, but it certainly was NOT amazing. Can’t really describe the taste, but it’s not one I could get use to.  I give it a side thumb for the cause.  Sorry about the pic… I couldn’t turn to pic around.
#56 Sierra Nevada Hoptimum (ABV 10.4%)
Let’s start from the beginning with this one… I go to my local place for my new beer adventure and to pick up some stuff for a girls night with friends.  The clerk is going crazy about these limited release beers and how it is soooooo amazing.  I resisted the urge to buy some, but I by the time I got to the car I already changed my mind.  So I made a u-turn back into the store and the clerk is giving a history listen to a customer about the fabulous beers.  I was in and out off listening because, I was much more interested in which beer had the coolest bottle.  At the end of it all, I spent over $20 on two beers.  If you know me for real, you know that I’m will probably think about that $20 until the year is over.  Anyway- Sierra Nevada Hoptimum was one of my picks.  CRAZY HOPS! Almost out of control (in a good way).  Crisp, slightly bitter.  Very good beer for the more experienced beer drinker.  Would not promote this for the beginners.  Thumbs ups!!!! Especially for the ABV.  I made myself finish the bottle, because I didn’t want to go to waste.  I recommend sharing it with a friend (or a stranger).  Shout out to Sherlock’s clerk guy for the selection.
#57 The Lost Abbey Judgment Day (ABV 10.5%)
The slogan for The Lost Abbey is Inspired Beer for Saints and Sinnners Alike (fancy and scary). This was another limited release pick.  The clerk made it seem like this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to buy, so I went for it.  It’s a Dark Quad (Google it) Belgium Ale brewed with raisins.  I had to use a wine opener thingy to get the cork out of the beer (wish I had a video of that).  I was semi afraid to drink it… It’s not every day you drink a beer with a picture of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse on it.  Despite the fear of Jesus coming back at that very moment, it was pretty good.  I could really taste the raisins (still not sure how I feel about that).  I give it a thumbs up.
High Five to everyone and their dream/ goals for 2011! I have feeling that this going to be a year of major changes.  The only person that promotes my recklessness is getting married (tear), the kid’s dad is (finally) finishing school, and I’m on a downward spiral to 30.  It’s geting real out there!  Hopefully, I can provide you with a lot of laughs this year.  I promise to do a better job with cranking out the posts. Cheers!

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