>Good night and good luck…


Whoa… 2010 is over?  It seems like yesterday I was bringing in the New Year with my best friend while my stomach was turning from champagne.  I’m not going to be one of those people to make New Year’s resolutions and talk about the awesome thing I’m going to do in 2011. 1. Because I’m not going to do it. 2. Because it’s plain stupid. By March, you forget about all that “be a better person” crap.  Just continue to be your old bad self and the rest will fall into place.  Anywho… 33 new beers down from May to December!  At this rate I’ll be at 300 in no time! Introducing my last beer of the year…
The Place: Tap- Atlanta, Ga
The Peep(s): Jen and Tina
The Beer: La Fin Due Monde (ABV 9%) #53
This beer gets a HIGH FIVE off top.  I’m a sucker for good flavor with a smooth finish.  I will def be drinking it again.  I did some research on the brewery’s website and La Fin Due Monde has won TONS of awards.  The history behind it is interesting too.  Definitely a thumb up!  I recommend it to everyone.  Btw, Sweetwater Festive Ale was NOT a winner for Jen, but Tina Loved the ice cold water. She said it was better than the water in KY.
Tap is a nice little bar/restaurant in Downtown Atlanta.  It has a laid back atmosphere with dim lightening.  It’s a perfect place to take a date or mystery random (as I like to call “them”).  The beer/wine selection is better than the food menu, but that’s my opinion.  I guess with the name TAP, food probably isn’t what most of the customers are coming for.  Anyway…  Check it out for yourself  BIG HIGH FIVE for the BOGO burger and beer!  
I can’t remember how half the things over the past 365 days, but I do know it went by fast.  December 28th’s Daily Bread message said to write out events that happened over the past year and the note what God did for you in those moments.  Writing it down helped me to put in prospective what He has done for me and family/friends.  High Five to Jesus for EVERYTHING! Yes… EVERYTHING!
Side Note: If you’re in Atlanta for New Year’s weekend come to Masquerade on North Avenue Jan 1st.  Glamourlyke will be performing along with some other groups (but who cares about them? j/k)! If you are a fan of good MUSIC you will definitely love this group.
Check out Glamourlyke’s videos below…
Side Side Note: Have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! *party horn blowing* I appreciate you following me on my quest for greatness.  Cheers!

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