>Sweet heaven… I mean… water Brewery


The Place: Sweetwater Brewery, Atlanta, GA
The Peeps: Christina (Tina) R. and Elizabeth (Jen) R.
The Beer(s): Exodus Porter (ABV 6.2%)-#49
                      Sch Wheat (ABV 4.9%) – #50
                      Georgia Brown (ABV 5.3%) – #51
                      Dank Tank (ABV can’t remember) – #52
The Snows and I took a field trip to Sweetwater Brewery.  I don’t know what I’ve been doing for the last year, but I should have been coming here a looong time ago!  For $8 we got a free Sweetwater pint glass and six drink tickets.  Each ticket counts toward one beer (special brews are two tickets).  By the end of the end of tasting it is suppose to equal three pints (or more).  Is this heaven?  It is an ideal place to go meet up with friends for a mid-day adventure or a lonely day of boozing (responsibly).  The brewery and tasting were great, but the tour was so-so.  The tour was interesting but, not much to see.  The place facility is kind of small, so it was expected.  The story behind the two owners and how they started Sweetwater was pretty good.  I’m always motivated by stories about businesses being built from nothing, but hard work. High five to them! Good people making good beer!
Exodus Porter (ABV 6.2%)-#49
Well it’s a porter… duh! I’m not opposed to drinking a porter beer, but I usual don’t choose them.  I was drawn to it because of the name, but then I thought back to the Turbodog incident.  After talking to myself for 15 seconds I said, “What the heck! If you don’t like it you can toss and get another!” I tried it and I’m not gonna lie… It was alright. Nothing I would buy on the regular, but by far the best porter (Hell, I think it’s the only one) I’ve had so far.  Surprisingly good flavor for a dark beer.  I have nothing to compare it to so I give it thumbs up for taking my porter virginity and not sucking!
Sch Wheat American Wheat Ale (ABV 4.9%)- #50
I am a fan of wheat beers so I did need to have a “self convo” to make this decision.  It was pretty darn good. I could taste the hints of citrus.  Definitely recommend this one to the girls! I would definitely buy this beer.  It can pair well with a burger or pizza! Nice jobs Sweetwater! Thumbs up!
Georgia Brown (ABV 5.3%) – #51
Umm… so… I pretty much downed this beer, that how much I liked it so much!  By the time I remembered to take the thumbs pic it was gone! Georgia Brown is officially one of my top 5 favorite beers (unless something better comes along). It has a nutty, kind of sweet flavor and smooth.   Hands down the best beer I had all day!  I would push this beer on anybody and EVERYBODY.  With a slogan like “Smoother than a Bill Clinton apology” how can you not like it! THUMBS UP! WAY UP!
Dank Tank (ABV can’t remember) – #52
I couldn’t leave without trying it. This was a two ticket beer so it could go one of two ways: Really awesome or what the hell.  It didn’t go either way, but leaning more towards what the hell. The sign said something about it being a double IPA and border hopper? Dude, idk?  By that time the tasting area was super crowded and my stomach and bladder were about to burst. I could care less at that point (hint why I didn’t get the abv).  It was dark, somewhat bitter (from what I can remember), and not so amazing.  I am willing to try it again when I go back. I feel like it may need a second chance (maybe).  On the upside, it has some sort of mascot creature wearing a bra, panties, heels, and had Christmas ornament hanging from the private region to resemble balls. That mad for a good laugh, I guess. Anyway- Side thumb for Dank Tank. Not bad, but not good.
Check out Sweetwater Brewery for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed.  http://www.sweetwaterbrew.com/
Support your local breweries and farmers!
I want to take the time to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah or whatever (unless it’s something bad) you celebrate this time of year. Thanks for you are supporting my blog and for your input and encouragement.  I’m glad my stupidity can make you happy!  Cheers!
Sidenote: If anybody knows a Seth Goldstein, please have him contact me. Thanks!

One thought on “>Sweet heaven… I mean… water Brewery

  1. >I love the Bill Clinton Slogan! Def makes me want to try this beer! That tour sounded awesome from the texts I was getting from Liz, but your description made me feel like I was hanging out with you all. Pretty cool! I've started a list of beers I want to try after reading all of this. You'll have to come to Cincinnati sometime. They have 3 local breweries here. One of them isn't much larger than a storage unit. Merry Christmas!

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