My good friends Elizabeth and Christina came to visit from Kentucky.  Its too bad they came in the mist of the most dangerous ice storm that every hit Metro Atlanta and surrounding counties!  There were a wrecks and car abandonments all over the city! Traffic was backed up for miles! It was INSANITY… Ahhh!  Just kidding… The ice “storm” consisted of an hour of snow and a thin layer of ice on the road and because that people went ape crazy! It was a nice summer’s day compared to what we are use to in KY.  The over exaggerated chaos can be summed up in five words: People in Atlanta can’t drive.  Drake said it best, “They can’t help it and I can’t blame em.”  Anywho… Enough of that mess.  Since my Snows were in town it was the perfect time to get some beers in.  They are my only girl friends that love beer as much as I do. High five for beers 49-54!

The Place: Taco Mac-Metropolis, Atlanta, GA
The Peeps: Alphonso J., Christina (Tina) R., Elizabeth (Jen) R.
The Beer: Smuttynose Big A IPA (9.7% ABV) – #48

Big flavor! It sort of reminded me of New Belgium 2°, but not really (if that makes any sense).  At first taste I had a “What the f**k” moment, but after a couple of sips it was much better.  It had a lot of hops and malt.  Definitely not a beer I would recommend to beginners, only for the real sippers.  I checked out the Smuttynose Brewery website and Big A IPA won the American cask real ale competition, The Michael Jackson award!  Pretty awesome, right!  The naked man boxing on the case cover probably had something to do with that win (j/k).  I had to give it a slight side thumb because, wasn’t jumping off with my buffalo chicken tenders.  It would have been much better without food.  Elizabeth had the Victory Golden Monkey Triple.  She liked it, but not with her chicken tenders either. It was a bad day for the tenders. Phons and Tina just had Bud Lights… Lames!
Now about Taco Mac!  Oh… Taco Mac.   There is nothing bad I could ever say about it! Well… Other than the fact that they ran out of pint night glasses, but I forgive them.  The restaurant has an awesome beer selection and great food.  I have never had a bad meal there (If you have, keep it to yourself. You’ll ruinthe moment. Thanks!)  TRUE STORY: During our dinner some crazy man came off the street and started yelling at guys across from us. He had to be escorted out by the police and the guys got free shot for their disturbance. WHAT? Note to self: Pay homeless man to yell at us in Taco Mac for free shots.  In all, it was a good outing.  It was Jen and Tina’s first time and they both liked it. Hooray!

In other news: I did not know that there is such thing as a regulation beer pong table.  So all this time I haven’t been playing by the rules, which is why I super sucked on the “ruled” table! Darn! Oh… and a man spit on Tina’s car on 285, because she wouldn’t let him over. Go ahead and laugh… I did.


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