December is here and you know what that means!  Angry shoppers, road rage, and robberies!  Nothing like celebrating the birth of our Savior with a little Holiday fear.  I don’t know where you are, but it is COLD in The A.  It is perfect time to stay in and snuggle… with a new beer!  Beer #47-Abita Ale Turbodog.  I chose this beer because it had a fun name and it’s made of by the same brewery of my beloved Purple Haze. Umm… This beer was not at all what I was expecting.  First of all… It’s a bitch to open if you don’t have a bottle opener, so I had to use a can opener (don’t ask).  I know what you’re thinking! How in the hell am I suppose to be on beer quest and not have a bottle opener?!?! Foolish!  Second… I need to start reading descriptions before I make my purchases.  Turbodog is dark brown ale with Chocolate/Toffee flavor.  Not the type of beer you want to pair with popcorn (shot out to Jiffy Pop, btw) and chick flicks.  My first though after tasting it was “Who in the hell am I gonna get to drink the rest of this? I wasted $7!” But of course I had to try it again and again and again.  In a nutshell, Turbodog isn’t bad, but it’s not amazing either. I give it a slight side thumb. That chocolate taste was not doing it for me. I give myself an A for effort! High five, me! Despite this minor let down, I am excited to try other varieties from Abita Ale! Moral of the story (if there is one): Read before you buy! Bad beer=Bad night.
In other news: People are snorting nutmeg to get high! Really? I googled it (like I do everything) and it seems to have been around for a while. Who knew? In unrelated news to nutmeg sniffing: My local “beverage” store has a rewards card. I started to ask about it, but I was ashamed. Oh well, maybe next time.  Oh… And congrats to The Trailer Nation Auburn on winning the SEC Championship last week. You get what you pay for!
Anywho…Protect yourselves this Holiday. Remember what this season REALLY about and drink responsibly!

One thought on “>Turbodog?

  1. >You are hilarious! I love dark chocolate beers, I'll have to give this one a try! You should include the alcohol percentage in these. It's interesting to see the amount of kick you get for your buck. Like my favorite beer is delerium tremens, pricey beer but with 9%, for a beer I think it's well worth it! Enjoying your blog!

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