>Last night my uncle offered to share his Schlitz Malt Liquor with me. Sad to say, but I had to decline. I know I have a lot of beers to go before I reach my goal, but I WILL NOT drink malt liquor! I know… I shouldn’t be a snob, but c’mon son… MALT LIQUOR! What am I? A 60-year-old man? Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my share of Smirnoff Ice and Skyy Blues back in the day, but the thought of it now makes my stomach turn.

So, we went to the website (yes, they have a website) and discovered that Schlitz has other flavors of this “beverage”. Bull Ice-Ice Malt Liquor, Red Bull-Xtra Long Malt Liquor, Malt Liquor-Original Malt Liquor, and High Gravity-Very Smooth Lager. Word??? Anyway…With a very little encouragement, my uncle is now on a mission to try all four flavors. Shout out to my Uncle Jerald for being an el’ cheapo and my Schlitz for making his nights more enjoyable!

On the double down side… Gotta go back to work tomorrow after four days off. I hope everyone has a great work week! If your team/school loss this weekend, hold your head high in the office tomorrow. Your co-workers are probably bandwagoners or victims… I mean alumni of Wherethehelldidyougo University? Drink responsibly and ROLL TIDE!!!!

Here is the website if you want to check it out and expand your palet…


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