>The Place: Beer Trape, Lexington, KY
My Peep: Elizabeth R.
The Beer: Ayinger Brau Weisse (#46)
The description mentioned said it has a distinct banana aroma flavor and that it will impress every wheat beer connoisseur with the first mouthful. Sounds like a winner! I am not a wheat beer connoisseur, but this beer was pretty good. Full of flavor and fruity as promised. I would recommend it my girl friends that wants to try beer, but don’t want the “expected” taste.

I loved the Beer Trappe! It was my paradise! It was cozy and very friendly. You can buy beer from all over the world! From Banana Bread to (what may have been) 3 Amigos. Definitely a “go to” when I go back to Lex! I give the beer and the place a BIG THUMBS UP! So good I almost forgot to take the thumbs up pick…

O.A.N. Went out for a beer and dessert run with a friend tonight on my last full day in Chatt. I’m looking at the menu and… DUN DUN DUUUUUN… I’ve had every beer on the menu. Ugh! Sad day on the tour. I had to settle for old faithful Bud Light.  The beers (yeah, I had two) hit the domestic spot. Note to self: Don’t rely on Chili’s or any other commercial eatery to help me on my quest. See what I mean? Trying new beers isn’t alway ease.  Learn from my mistakes. Oh well… Other than this mishap and Bama losing to The Trailer Park Nation (Auburn) my Thanksgiving break has been alright, but I am soooo ready to go back to my own space…


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