A Beer At The Table

This year I drank 184 new beers! That’s 3.53846154 new beers a week if we’re trying to be all mathematical and shit. Before you start, your New Year’s Eve celebration and I start my annual struggle to stay up until midnight I want to take a few mins to unload my last post of 2017. […]

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Six Double O

I’ve never been great at writing introductions. When I’m made of money I’ll hire an intern or ghostwriter to do it for me. Anyway, here is a quick post about the 4 beers leading up to 600. Enjoy! #597 Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Queen of Passion (5.4% ABV) I’m not sure what I was expecting, […]

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The Other Brandon

In the outskirts of Downtown Tamps, tucked away in warehouse/office park is Tampa Beer Works. Inside the tiny tap room are a few tables, a decent sized bar, and college football playing on TV.  It was quiet, relaxed, and inviting, everything I like in a brewery.  After listening to the bartender’s recommendations (Hey Mike!) I start with the strongest IPA and […]

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$6 Water: A Vegas Story

Once upon a time Ebony and Ivory thought it would be an awesome idea to venture across the country to Las Vegas for a Backstreet Boy concert… in July. Have you ever been to Vegas in July? Pre-heat your oven to 375°, turn up thermostat in your home to 85°, and change into your warmest […]

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To Those Who Wait

Back in 2013 I bought a bottle of 2012 Goose Island Pepe Nero from Smyrna Beer Market.  It’s recommended to let it age for 5 years before opening and it had already aged for a year prior to my purchase. I hid it in the back of a cabinet for 4 years so I wouldn’t […]

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